COVID-19 scare: N95 masks sold out, social media creating artificial demand?

There is a huge demand for N95 masks as the news of it preventing the attack of coronavirus is going viral on social media

As the death toll and the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus increase worldwide, there is a huge demand for N95 masks that supposedly can keep people safe from the COVID-19. Ever since the breakout of coronavirus that is spreading rapidly globally, people are trying to search about possible treatment methods and preventive tools to keep themselves safe from the virus.

According to CGTN channel, as per NDRC official, Ou Xiaoli's statement, "China's daily capacity for mask production has reached 54 million and the capacity of N95 masks for medical protective use has reached 900,000, partially easing the tight supply."

Local doctor in Houston propagated the use of N95

N95 masks

Meanwhile, a local doctor in the Houston area is also said to have propagated the use of N95 masks to stay away from the coronavirus. The doctor is said to have told that normal surgical-type masks that people normally wear on planes and in other countries are not effective in preventing coronavirus attack.

If you want a chance at protecting yourself, the N95 is the way to go, reported Keith Garvin in This created a buzz in the Houston area, and as the US is also facing coronavirus scare, people are said to be rushing to buy N95 masks.

Corona tweet

The news of N95 masks being useful to keep the virus away is spreading as rapidly as the virus itself. This has created huge demand for the specific masks and here is how Twitter is responding. One of the Twitter user wrote: "The local hospital just called my work, auto parts store, wanting to buy all of my N95 masks. Wanted to know how many more I could get. Answer zero, they're all gone all 5,000 in our warehouse gone. Hospital calling a parts store for PPE."

Another one said, "Masks help reduce chances of infection with coronavirus but it's a very partial reduction. Masks which can give decidedly stronger protection are certain types of face respirators (like N95 in US and ffp2/ffp3 in Europe) but they only work if used correctly which takes practice."

Social media trending with messages propagating usage of N95 masks

Coronavirus Twee

Similar messages are doing rounds in social media forums including Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter. According to New Scientist portal, N95 respirators do offer more protection than other types of masks as it is designed to prevent entering of small particles through nose and mouth up to 95 per cent.

But these masks do not work if they don't fit properly, and can't be used by children or even people who have facial hair. In addition, it is said that N95 masks also make it difficult to breathe. Currently, the death toll has increased to 2,700 in China alone and at least 80,000 people have been infected by the virus globally.

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