Courtney Williams: Georgia Mom Mauled to Death in Brutal Attack by Neighbor's Dogs that Also Left Her Two Children Seriously Injured

A neighbor, who chose to remain anonymous, expressed sympathy for the family, saying that the mother's death tragically occurred just days before Mother's Day.

A mother was found dead while her two children were seriously injured after they were brutally attacked by a pack of dogs, according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI). The pack of dogs reportedly attacked the children on Thursday while they were waiting at a bus stop behind Brooks County Middle School.

The children were transported to the hospital for treatment following the attacks. Courtney Williams, the 35-year-old mother of two, was found dead in the yard of a nearby home. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) is currently investigating the incident. It is currently unclear how Williams was killed by the dogs and if she was attacked first.

Mauled to Death

Courtney Williams
Courtney Williams Facebook

"When deputies arrived, they encountered several aggressive dogs on the property. It was determined the juveniles had already been transported to a local hospital by a private citizen," GBI said in a statement.

"Deputies subsequently located the body of Courtney Williams, white female, 35 years of age, in the yard of the residence."

The breed of the dog involved in the attack remains unclear.

A neighbor, who chose to remain anonymous, expressed sympathy for the family, saying that the mother's death tragically occurred just days before Mother's Day.

"I do feel for the family and for the kids because now they are going to have to celebrate Mother's Day without their mother," she said.

Neighborhood residents have been voicing their concerns about the absence of animal control measures in their area.

"People dump dogs all over the county and no one can get help with them because there's no county animal control. Praying for this woman's family. This is so sad," one resident said.

The GBI is currently investigating the case and is conducting an autopsy on Williams to establish an official cause of death.

Tributes Pour In

Courtney Williams
The injury suffered by one of Courtney Williams' children during the brutal attack by the dogs Facebook

Crystal Cox, Williams's sister-in-law, shared a heartfelt tribute to her brother's wife in a Facebook post. "With a heavy heart I have to say this,' she began the post. 'My brothers wife Courtney Williams cox passed away yesterday. The neighbors dogs attacked her and the kids.

"Her son, Kayden, didn't get away fast enough as he pushed his sister out of harms way. He was hurt pretty bad [but is] doing good.

"They stapled him up. [He's] in pain and at my house resting. We are asking if you're not immediate family, please limit calls and messages."

In a subsequent Facebook post on Friday, Cox provided an update to the community regarding the children's well-being and the sequence of events. She said that three children were involved.

According to the post, Kayden's sister, whom she affectionately referred to as 'sissy,' and his brother Nathan, are understandably shaken but are gradually coming to terms with the traumatic events that unfolded.

During the attack, Nathan ran to the school to seek help but eventually turned back, fearing he wouldn't have enough time to assist his other siblings.

Nathan managed to flag down a passerby, who intervened to help save them. In a display of bravery, Kayden pushed his sister out of harm's way, thus saving her but putting himself in danger from the dogs.

The passerby bravely fought off the dogs and then transported the children to the hospital in his truck.