Courtney Ann: Texas Mom Swaps Cleaner Life to Earn Millions as Onlyfans Model

A Texas woman, busy 'mopping and cleaning' for a living, is now leading a luxurious life with a yearly income of $48,000 per year. Courtney Ann, 38, and a mother-of-two had been leading an ordinary life until her husband dared her to post a sexy photo on the internet that changed her life forever.

Ann, a cleaner-turned-stripper for Onlyfans, now goes by 'Texas Thighs' on social media. She is a full-time model with over a million followers on Instagram. Talking about her previous job, Ann, married to Nick, 41 said, that her days were "busy, stressful and tiring."

"My hubby left for work super early, so I fed the girls, got the car loaded with cleaning supplies and equipment, then took them to school," Ann said.

"Then I went on to clean a house, run to the store or any other errands needed, pick up the girls, do after-school activities, house chores, make dinner, and then finally get a little downtime with them and the hubby once he was home," the OnlyFans stripper further added.

Courtney Ann
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Ann expressed that she loved her life as she got time to be with her daughters' school stuff. However, she was interested in doing something more creative and more like herself as a woman. Reportedly, Ann loved social media even when she needed to clean the houses of other people. She would often scroll through her social media feeds and point out attractive women to Nick.

Seeing his wife obsessed with attractive women on social media, Ann's husband always told her that she looked as hot as the other ladies on the internet, and he dared her to post some sexy snaps of herself online.

From going topless to flaunting her assets on camera, Ann is now minting a lot of money by selling her sexy photos on the internet. Many content creators have opened up about their struggles before joining the X-rated platform Onlyfans and Ann is just another among them.

Courtney Ann
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Model, who swapped church life to become a stripper on OnlyFans

Nikole Mitchell, a pastor-turned-OnlyFans stripper had earlier said that she was brought up in a strict Baptist family where she was taught to be reserved and sweet and obey the rules of the church. But she chose to swap church life to earn millions by selling hot and exclusive content on OnlyFans. She said that she knew she had to change something in her life to figure out her worth once and for all.