Trump's Secret to Weight Loss: Jason Miller Claims Lack of Access to 24/7 Kitchen After White House is The Ultimate Reason

Donald Trump's former advisor Jason Miller has claimed that the former US president has lost weight due to the non-availability of access to the White House kitchen. When asked about how Trump is doing after the Biden takeover during an exclusive interview with GB news' Mark Dolan on Sunday, Miller disclosed that the ex-leader is 'lot happier', 'tanned' and 'rested'.

Reportedly, During February 2019, when Trump had undergone a health check-up, his medical reports revealed that he weighed over 109 kgs (243 pounds), which was an increase by four pounds than in 2018.

On February 8, under the supervision of a physician to the president Dr Sean Conley, the former president once again underwent an annual health examination at the 'Walter Reed National Military Medical Centre'. But doctor Conley stated that he was in "very good health overall," however, he had gained weight.

Donald Trump weight loss
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Trump's Diet

Trump's diet has been known to be not so healthy. The ex-president of the United States used to consume meatloaf, Big Macs, and KFC, according to reports.

Ronny Jackson, who is the ex-White House doctor, once claimed that White House staff had to hide vegetables in his food to make him eat healthily.

Moreover, Trump apparently had a switch at his desk in the White House in order to get access to what seems one of his favourites 'Diet Coke'. And every time he wanted it he would press that button.

Twitter Users slam Trump for blaming the White House for his weight loss

Meanwhile, Miller's claim on trump's weight loss has started a controversy on social media. Many users took to their social media accounts to slam the ex-US president.

"Driving a stupid little go-cart around a field while occasionally stopping to swing a stick at a tiny ball is not exercise," a Twitter user wrote. while another added, "He could have 24/7 access to a kitchen if he wasn't too lazy to go there and do something, as well as too cheap to pay someone else to do something."

A third user said, "Yeah Pompeo has lost a ton of weight too ever since he couldn't be living off the trough of taxpayers money," while some even called him crazy. "God forbid that lunatic get's re-elected," the user wrote on Twitter.