Court hearing reveals grime artist Solo 45 from Bristol raped and waterboarded woman

Anokye sent a series of messages to the victim which was revealed in court on Tuesday

Grime artist, Andy Anokye who is popularly known as Solo45, has denied all 31 charges against him. The charges include 22 counts of rape and five counts of false imprisonment.

Anokye sent messages to the alleged victim

Rape victim
Picture for representation Pixabay

Anokye sent a series of messages to a woman who is an alleged victim. The messages were read out in court on Tuesday. One particular message sent by Anokye read that "I want to play a game with you. It is very rough but you may like it." He imprisoned and repeatedly raped four women and filmed the alleged attacks in a time period of two years.

The messages revealed the singer's intention and the woman said she was caught off guard by the language he used. Later the woman's friend said that the alleged victim was waterboarded after a date with Anokye where he told her 'now you will learn who's the boss'.

Anokye has been described by the prosecution as a violent, narcissistic bully. "He imprisoned, assaulted, sexually violated and raped four women," said Prosecutor Christopher Quinlan QC to the Guardian.

When Anokye was arrested his mobile phone and other devices were seized. Upon further investigation, the police were able to get hold of three other women who were attacked by Anokye. The cross-examination by Sally O'Neil revealed that the Anokye is aroused by the sight of another person's tears. Anokye has till now denied all the charges presented against him.