Coughing Joe Biden Raises Health Concern on Social Media; Insists He is Suffering From Minor Cold

US President-Elect Joe Biden's coughing spree during a speech celebrating his victory following Monday's electoral college vote sparked fears of a health scare. Biden made the speech from his house in Delaware.

Biden, who is going to be oldest US President at 78, has remained engulfed with health concerns ever since he was announced as democratic candidate for the US Presidential elections 2020. The previous record of being the oldest person to be sworn in as US President was held by Donald Trump who was 70 at the time of taking oath.

Joe Biden
US President-elect Joe Biden Twitter

Biden Recently Tested Negative for Coronavirus

The Daily Mail reported that the incoming US President was tested for coronavirus last Friday and the test came back negative.

Last month Biden had fractured his foot while playing with his dog, Major. He was made to wear medical boot. Shooting a jibe at Trump, who refused to accept defeat calling the elections rigged, Biden said: " Respecting the will of the people is at the heart of our democracy, even if we find those results hard to accept."

The President-elect went on to add that the the Trump campaign brought dozens and dozens of legal challenges which were heard again and again. "And each of the times they were heard they were found to be without merit," he said.

"If anyone didn't know it before, we know it now. What beats deep in the hearts of the American people is this: Democracy. The right to be heard. To have your vote counted. To choose the leaders of this nation. To govern ourselves," Biden said in his speech.

Biden Says He is Suffering From Cold

Even though the speech brought rousing applause on the social media, Biden's repeated coughed left many questioning his health. Biden revealed that he was suffering from minor cold during a livestream after his victory speech.

"Drink some water, Joe. You're scaring us," wrote a user as other added, "Biden cleared his throat at least 17 times tonight in his 14 minute speech!" NPR political correspondent Scott Detrow said it's normal for Biden to clear his throat and cough in speeches, but noted, 'That's the most sustained coughing I've heard though.'

"Trump sniffles dozens of times during his speeches. At least Biden didn't use illegal drugs (sic) to lead to his throat clearing," tweeted Writer Terry J Richard.

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