Coronavirus won't be controlled until five billion people become immune, says new study

Coronavirus has already claimed the lives of more than 2,35,121 people worldwide, and the number of positive cases has crossed 3.3 million

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COVID-19 that originated from China has already killed more than 2,35,100 people worldwide, and the total number of infected people has crossed 3.3 million. As the death toll keeps mounting, medical experts are busy developing an effective vaccine to make humans immune to the coronavirus. But now, a new study has revealed that developing a vaccine for the coronavirus will not end the problem forever.

Problems associated with population

The study conducted by researchers at the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota suggested that the coronavirus will be harder to control due to its ability to spread from people who don't appear to be ill. The study report warns that people may be at their most infectious state before symptoms start appearing in their bodies.

The researchers who took part in the study also claimed that the coronavirus waves could continue beyond 2022. They also made it clear that the pandemic won't be controlled until about two-thirds of the world's population gains immunity.

The new study report has alarmed medical experts, as vaccinating two-third of the global population could turn out to be a seemingly impossible task in the near future. There are more than 7.7 billion people living in this world, and as per the study report, more than five billion people should be vaccinated to control the spread of the coronavirus.

"Risk communication messaging from government officials should incorporate the concept that this pandemic will not be over soon. People need to be prepared for possible periodic resurgences of disease over the next two years,'' said the researchers who took part in the study.

Did the US government develop a coronavirus vaccine?

A recent poll conducted by the Democracy Fund and the UCLA Nationscape Project, in partnership with USA Today has suggested that nearly one-third of Americans believe in the existence of a coronavirus vaccine. They claim that the US government has kept the coronavirus vaccine under the wraps for unknown reasons.

As many as 44 percent of the Americans who took part in the study believe that COVID-19 was created in a laboratory. Nearly half of the participating Americans feel that the US government is intentionally hiding the real number of coronavirus deaths.

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