Coronavirus Vaccine Mix Shots to be Tested Soon; Experts Hope For Better Immune Response

Medical experts believe that mixing coronavirus vaccine shots could elevate the defense mechanism of the human body against invading pathogens.

As the entire world is adapting itself to the 'new normal' triggered by the coronavirus pandemic, a section of medical experts are hoping better immune response by giving COVID-19 vaccine's mixed shots. Researchers at the University of Oxford are apparently planning to begin human trials where participants will receive an initial vaccine shot followed by a booster shot developed by another vaccine manufacturer.

Mixed Shots Could Help Fight Against Mutated COVID Variants

The ultimate aim of this mixed vaccine shot strategy is to elevate the immune response of a human body against the virus, by using different vaccines instead of using two shots of a single vaccine. As coronavirus is becoming genetically more diverse, it is highly necessary to find possible ways to bolster the human body's defense mechanism, and scientists believe that using these mixed shots could be one of the best ways to combat the attack of this deadly pandemic.

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The mix and match approach (Heterologous prime-boost vaccination) suggested by scientists at Oxford could also give doctors more choices while patients are in need of a second shot.

"Knowing that you could mix different vaccine types according to supply availability could only accelerate vaccination efforts," said Helen Fletcher, professor of immunology at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Wall Street Journal reports.

More Details of Mix Shot Study

In the initial phase of the study, researchers at Oxford are planning to test mixed shots on 820 volunteers. During this study, researchers will use coronavirus vaccines developed by Pfizer and AstraZeneca.

Earlier, AstraZeneca had revealed their plans to test their vaccine with Sputnik V, another COVID-19 vaccine developed by Russia. According to the latest updates, AstraZeneca's human trial using mixed shots will be carried out in Azerbaijan and the United Arab Emirates.

Medical experts have high hopes regarding this mix and match approach, as they believe it could sharpen the body's defense mechanism against invading pathogens.

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