Coronavirus Vaccine Hopes Fade as Permanent Immunity to Pathogen May Not Be Possible

A previous study report had suggested that coronavirus has already mutated to more than 30 different strains

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The novel coronavirus that originated from Wuhan has been continuing to wreak havoc in all nooks of the world over the past seven months. With more than 14.1 million confirmed positive cases, and 6,02,000 deaths, this deadly pathogen has changed the courses of everyone's life on this planet. As scare looms up, new revelations have suggested that permanent immunity to COVID-19 many not be possible.

Coronavirus Vaccine Hopes Start Fading

The new finding has jeopardized vaccine development and has reinforced a decision by scientists at UCSF to focus exclusively on treatment. Apart from UCSF, several other studies conducted by experts all around the world had also suggested that the human body does not retain the antibodies that build up during infections. It means there may not be any lasting immunity to coronavirus even if the patient recovers from the infection.

According to medical experts, strong antibodies are very much pivotal in the development of vaccines. As permanent immunity to coronavirus seems impossible, experts believe that the only way to control the virus spread is by treating the symptoms.

"I just don't see a vaccine coming anytime soon. People do have antibodies, but the antibodies are waning quickly. If the antibodies diminish, then there is a good chance the immunity from a vaccine would wane too," Nevan Krogan, a molecular biologist and director of UCSF's Quantitative Biosciences Institute, Houston Chronicle reports.

Coronavirus Mutation Dilemma Continues

A few weeks back, a study report published by researchers at Zhejiang University made many medical experts believe that the entire healthcare sector has literally underestimated the mutation capabilities of the pathogen. According to the study report, COVID-19 has already mutated to more than 30 different strains.

The study report from Zhejiang University has shocked medical experts and they believe that finding an overall cure for coronavirus could be difficult, as different strains of the pathogen have affected people in different parts of the world.

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