New study identifies different strains of novel Coronavirus disease that dominated the world

Chinese study suggests that the mutation has caused one strain to be more aggressive than the other

Recent research has found that the novel coronavirus in the US has come from two different strains. The research found that the coronavirus that has spread on the West Coast of the country came from the Chinese strain while the cases in the rest of the country came from Europe.

The analysis suggests that the coronavirus came to the US from Europe and was circulating in New York before the first case was reported in the country and it also said that most of the infection in the US comes from the European strain of infections. The second strain is mostly focused on the West Coast which is from China. The virus prevalent in the East Coast is different from the strain observed in the other part of the country says the new analysis of viral genomes by the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.

The research by Cambridge University scientists found that there are three different strains that can be seen in most of the world. Several of the researchers have suggested that the virus could have jumped from pangolins to the humans and initially started from the bats.

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The two types dubbed as Type 'A' and Type 'B'

The researchers have dubbed the first strain to be Type 'A' which didn't linger long in China but took hold in countries like Japan, Australia and the US. A mutated version Type 'B' became the dominant spread in China before moving onto Canada, Europe and South America. The analysis of the genome sample from the coronavirus patients by the Cambridge scientists said that another version of the virus Type 'C' took hold in Singapore, Italy and Hong Kong.

The Icahn School of Medicine has found a different pattern of travel. The Cambridge scientists traced the strain from China to the US while the Icahn School noticed the travel from Europe to the US. While medical experts were unaware of the seriousness of the illness there have been several undetected cases across the country.

The US President had put together stricter measures on people travelling from China. The research which was done by the Chinese scientists that revealed that one of the strains have become more aggressive than the other strain after mutation. Peking University's School of Life Sciences revealed the mutation of the virus into two major lines. The COVID-19 has a slow mutation compared to other viruses. As long as the infections and transmissions continue the coronavirus will continue to mutate.

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