Coronavirus Timeline (February): COVID-19 cases cross 85,600 worldwide

Update as of 29 February 2020: Number of people affected rises to 85,688 worldwide, with 2,933 deaths and 39,761 recovered so far, as per the latest GISAID update

The COVID-19 outbreak that began in the city of Wuhan in China has spread across the world, claimed 2,933 lives and infected 85,688 people so far. Several cases have been reported in many countries across the world, triggering panic about a 2003 SARS-like global outbreak.

We give you a chronological breakdown of the situation over the past few weeks. Here's a screengrab showing the latest status of coronavirus across the world:

Coronavirus status as of 29 February, 2020
Coronavirus status as of 29 February, 2020 GISAID

(For complete timeline from 31 December 2019 to 31 January 2020, click here)

Feb. 1: The total number of cases confirmed cases increases to 11,374. The US declares a public health emergency. Australia and the US imposes travel bans against anyone flying from China, except citizens and residents. Various commercial airlines, including Australian carrier Qantas suspend flights to mainland China till March.

Feb. 2: Overnight, the total number of confirmed cases climbs to 14,628, with the number of deaths reported reaches 305. First death outside China is reported as a 44-year old man dies in the Philippines due to the infection. India reports its second case and neighbour Bangladesh suspends issuing of on-arrival visas for Chinese citizens, while Indonesia suspends all flights to-and-from China.

-- China seeks the assistance of the European Union (EU) for facilitating the purchase of medical supplies from member nations. The UAE reports it's fifth confirmed case. France helps evacuate 10 Mexican citizens stranded in Wuhan.

Jair Bolsonaro
Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro Facebook/Jair Bolsonaro

-- Brazilians stranded in Wuhan appeal to President Jair Bolsonaro for evacuation from ground zero. Medical workers in the semi-autonomous region of Hong Kong announce a five-day strike in response to the government's refusal to accept their demand for shutting down all entry points to the city from mainland China.

Feb. 3: The Chinese stock market nosedives 9 percent as the number of deaths increases to 362 and crosses that of the SARS outbreak in 2003. The number of confirmed cases rises to 17,373.

-- State-owned Russian Railways suspends all passenger trains to China. Medical workers in Hong Kong go on strike in response to the government's refusal of their demand. India reports its third confirmed case.

-- Vietnam confirms three new cases, while the US confirms its 11th. France's health minister announces that 36 of the 254 people evacuated from Wuhan are showing symptoms of the disease.

People walk near the Eiffel tower in haze in Paris, capital of France
Eiffel tower IANS

Feb. 4: The death toll rises to 427 and the number of confirmed cases increases to 20,613.

-- Hong Kong reports its first coronavirus death as a 39-year-old man succumbs to the infection, making it the second confirmed death outside mainland China. Hong Kong closes all border crossings with the mainland, except three.

-- CDC announces the second case of human-to-human transmission in the US. India's Kerala state where all the three cases have been reported, declares the outbreak a "state disaster".

Feb. 5: Amid rising cases, the UK announces that it will send a final flight to evacuate its citizens from Wuhan while Japan announces its fourth evacuation trip. The number of confirmed cases increases to 24,516 and the death toll stands at 493.

--The strike by health workers in Hong Kong enters its third day as chief executive Carrie Lam keeps three entry points open despite their demand for complete sealing of all entry points.

Hyundai logo
Hyundai Pixabay

-- Carmaker Hyundai suspends production in South Korea due to disruption in the supply of parts. Nike shuts down over half its stores in China amidst lockdown. Two US carriers, United Airlines and American Airlines, cease operations to Hong Kong for two weeks following the report of the first coronavirus death in the city.

-- The Japanese Health Ministry announces that 10 passengers aboard Diamond Princess, a cruise ship carrying 3,700 passengers anchored in Yokohama Bay, test positive for the virus.

Feb. 6: The official death toll rises to 565 and the number of confirmed cases to 28,296. Chinese state media announces that a 28-year-old doctor in Hunan province, who worked for 10 days as a part of the coronavirus responders, dies; overwork is suspected as the reason.

-- China announces that the drug, Remdesivir, is in the clinical trial stage in Wuhan's Jinyintan hospital housing coronavirus patients. International sporting events such as the Asian Athletics Association, PGA Tour Series-China and World Athletics Indoor Championships, which were scheduled to be held in China are either cancelled or moved to other countries.

-- All international cruise ships are banned from docking in Taiwan by the country's health authority, as 10 more passengers aboard the Diamond Princess docked in Japan test positive for the infection.

Virgin Australia
Virgin Australia Twitter Virgin Australia

-- Virgin Australia ceases all flights to Hong Kong while Adidas announces the closure of many of its stores in China.

Feb. 7: Singapore reports three new cases and North Korea reports its first confirmed case, as the number of confirmed cases increases to 31,520 and the official death toll rises to 638.

-- Hong Kong Airlines announces that it will cut 400 jobs and reduce its operations as the coronavirus outbreak worsens the company's financial troubles. Also, Asia's largest annual art fair, Art Basel, which was scheduled to be held in Hong Kong is cancelled.

Representational Picture Wikimedia Commons

-- Chinese scientists say that the pangolin, a mammalian that is widely trafficked, could be a possible intermediate host.

-- As Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison urges Australian nationals to leave China at the earliest, the first epidemiological report on coronavirus cases confirmed in the country is published.

Feb. 8: Japan confirms three new coronavirus cases aboard the Diamond Princess, increasing the tally on the ship to 64 infected, and Malaysia confirms its 16th case. The global death toll rises to 725 and the total number of confirmed cases increases to 34,954.

-- People holding passports from HK, China and Macau are banned by the Royal Caribbean Cruises from its ships. The US offers China $100 million in order to aid in the efforts against the containment of the disease.

-- Thailand reports new seven confirmed cases while the UAE reports two new cases. A 60-year-old US citizen dies in Wuhan due to the infection. WHO says that there is a severe shortage in the supply of the protective gear due to hoarding of it.

Feb. 9: The total number of confirmed cases increases to 37,590 and the death toll to 814.

-- Chinese state media states that all schools in Hebei province will be shut till March. The second coronavirus case is confirmed in Spain. Organizers announce that the Singapore airshow will go ahead as planned.

-- The Philippines evacuates 30 of its citizens from Wuhan while the final British flight carrying evacuated citizens from Wuhan arrives in the UK.

Feb. 10: As the global death toll reaches 910, and the number of confirmed cases in the UK increases to eight, the country declares the coronavirus outbreak a "serious and imminent threat" to public health. The total number of confirmed cases rises to 40,573. China allows experts from WHO to visit.

Kia Motors
Kia Motors YouTube Grab

-- Additional 60 confirmed cases are reported aboard the Diamond Princess. Airbnb suspends all bookings in Beijing till February 29. KIA, the South Korean carmaker, ceases productions in three of its factories due to a shortage of manufacturing parts from China.

Feb. 11: Two more cases are confirmed in Germany as the worldwide toll increases to 43,129 and the number of causalities reaches 1,018.

-- WHO names the novel coronavirus 'SARS-Cov-2' and the disease caused by it 'COVID-19', and says that a new vaccine will be ready in 18 months. It also urges countries to treat the virus as "public enemy number one" and step up efforts to combat it.

-- Researchers from the Imperial College London test new coronavirus vaccine on mice while Novacyt, French-British biotech company, announces that it can offer a faster test to diagnose the disease.

-- Senior medical adviser to the Chinese government says that the infection rates may peak in the month of February before subsiding as two senior health officials from the Hubei province are sacked.

-- Thailand confirms its 33rd case, a 54-year-old woman from Wuhan. The Japanese health ministry reports that two of its citizens evacuated from Wuhan test positive for COVID-19.

Feb. 12: The number of COVID-19 cases on the Diamond Princess touches 175. The Japanese health ministry reports that one of its officials surveying the infected on the cruise ships tests positive for the virus.

-- The death toll rises to 1,116 and the number of confirmed cases to 45,191 as Iran denies a suspected coronavirus death.

The logo of DBS is pictured outside an office in Singapore. Reuters

-- 300 staff of the Singaporean DBS Bank are evacuated from its headquarters as a precautionary measure after an employee tests positive. South Korean commercial carrier, Asiana Airlines, tells its cabin crew to go on unpaid leave following the suspension of all flights to China.

-- Dutch cruise ship, MS Westerdam, anchors in the Gulf of Thailand after four countries refuse docking amid fears that some of the 2,257 passengers may be infected.

-- General Motors Korea suspends production due to shortage in the supply of manufacturing parts. Asia Pacific stock markets rise despite concerns of a global economic meltdown and oil prices stabilise.

Feb. 13: The death toll rises to 1,370 and the number of confirmed cases to 60,363 as Japan confirms it first COVID-19 casualty, an 80-year-old woman.

-- With eight new confirmed cases, Singapore's tally increases to 58 while Malaysia confirms its 19th case. The number of infected cases aboard the Diamond Princess increases to 218 as 44 new cases are confirmed.

-- The UK confirms its ninth case, the first in London. The CDC confirms the 15th case in the US.

-- American carrier, United Airlines, suspends all flights to China till April. Organisers of the Tokyo Olympics and the IOC announce that the event will be held as planned.

Feb. 14: Egypt confirms its first COVID-19 case. China reports that six health workers die due to the infection.

-- Passengers from the MS Westerdam finally disembark in Cambodia after being stranded at sea for two weeks.

2020 Tokyo Olympics

-- Organisers of the Tokyo Olympics state that there is no "Plan B" and that the event will be held as scheduled.

Feb. 15: France reports its first coronavirus death, making it the first in Europe. Thailand reports its 34th case, a 35-year-old medical worker.

--The official death toll rises to 1,527 and the number of confirmed cases to 67,091.

-- Chinese gymnasts withdraw from World Cup to be held in Australia amid coronavirus fears. A Japanese man who visited Hawaii tests positive for the infection after returning to Japan.

-- 67 new cases are reported on the Diamond Princess as the US prepares to evacuate its citizens from the cruise ship.

Feb. 16: Number of infected aboard the Diamond Princess increases to 355 as 70 more cases are confirmed. Hong Kong and Canada announce that they will fly their citizens, who had disembarked in Japan from the ship, home.

-- With over 2,000 new cases reported, the number of infected stands at 69,267 while the number of deaths increases to 1,670.

Chow Tai Fook
A Chow Tai Fook store in Hong Kong Wikimedia Commons

-- Nepal evacuates 175 of its citizens from Wuhan after protests from families of the stranded. Protests break out against setting up of new quarantine centers in Hong Kong.

Feb. 17: Thailand confirms another case while Japan cancels birthday celebrations amid the coronavirus scare.

-- The death toll rises to 1,775 and the number of confirmed cases increases to 71,811.

-- With 99 new cases, the total number of confirmed cases aboard Diamond Princess increases to 454. The US and the Philippines confirm that some of their citizens on the cruise ship have tested positive for COVID-19.

--The UAE confirms a new case. Casinos in Macau announce that they will resume operations from 20 February 2020.

Feb. 18: WHO reports 92 cases of human-to-human transmission outside China as the total number of confirmed infections stands at 73,451.

-- Russia announces that it will not permit the entry of Chinese citizens from Thursday while the global death toll stands at 1,875.

Jaguar Land Rover
Jaguar Land Rover Pixabay

-- Jaguar Land Rover says that due to a lack of manufacturing parts from China, its UK production will be affected in two weeks. Apple's low-profit warning causes Asian stocks to tumble.

-- 6,000 hygiene masks are stolen by thieves from a hospital in Japan. The Japanese health ministry announces that 500 quarantined passengers who tested negative will be allowed to leave on Wednesday while 88 more cases are confirmed on board.

Feb. 19: Iran reports its first two cases as the number of confirmed cases increases to 75,280 and the official death toll to 2,012.

-- Nearly 800 passengers aboard the MS Westerdam test negative for the coronavirus. Hong Kong reports its second coronavirus death, a 70-year-old man, while South Korea reports 20 new cases, jumping from 31 to 51 in one day.

-- While the number of deaths crosses the 2,000-mark, the number of new cases in China drop. Wuhan's new Communist Party secretary says authorities will face strict action if the spread of the infection is not halted.

-- 92 cases of human-to-human transmission of COVID-19 outside China, across 12 countries, is reported by WHO.

Feb. 20: The official death toll rises to 2,130. However, the number of confirmed cases shows very limited rise and stands at 75,778.

Diamond Princess
Diamond Princess Wikimedia Commons

-- The number of confirmed cases on Diamond Princess increases to 634. Iran reports three new coronavirus cases, while the first two patients who tested positive for COVID-19 succumb to the infection.

-- Following the arrival of evacuees from Wuhan, protests erupt in Ukraine over fears of an outbreak and protesters clash with the police. United Nations AIDS agency says that lockdowns could affect access to vital HIV drugs in China, putting HIV patients in the country at risk.

-- As the number of confirmed infections rises to 104 in South Korea, the first coronavirus death is reported.

Feb. 21: As Iran begins reporting confirmed coronavirus cases and deaths, Kuwait's civil aviation authority grounds all flights to and from Iran. Worldwide death toll reaches 2,250 and confirmed cases touch 76,798.

-- A 78-year-old man becomes Italy's first COVID-19 casualty as 16 cases are confirmed in the northern regions of Lombardy and Veneto. Authorities in 10 Italian towns order closure of public spaces such as bars and schools.

UAE Pixabay

-- The UAE reports two new novel coronavirus cases, bringing its total to 11. A woman travelling from Iran becomes Lebanon's first confirmed case. Israel reports its first case.

Feb. 22: Iran reports one more death and 10 new cases, increasing its tally to five deaths and 28 infections. The number of confirmed cases across the world increases to 77,923 and the official death toll to 2,362.

-- Italy reports its second COVID-19 death. South Korea reports 87 new cases, drastically increasing the total number of confirmed cases in the country to 433.

Feb. 23: The number of confirmed cases in South Korea witnesses a massive spike as the total reaches 602, with 6 deaths. Iran confirms 43 cases and eight deaths.The global death toll rises to 2,466 and the number of confirmed cases to 78,891.

-- Afghanistan, Jordan and Turkey ban travel to and from Iran. The country's health minister says that travel to China is the cause of the spread within the Middle Eastern nation.

-- Italy reports several new cases as the number of confirmed cases touch 132 and the Venice carnival is suspended.

Italy shutdown
Twitter/Antonello Guerrera

Feb. 24: Afghanistan, Bahrain, Iraq and Kuwait report their first cases of coronavirus infections. The death toll rises to 2,626 and the number of confirmed cases to 79,524 as Korea reports over 100 new cases in one day and Italy confirms fifth death.

-- China announces that over 3,000 medical staff have been infected with COVID-19 so far while the country's parliamentary session is postponed.

-- Austria suspends train services to Italy and Iraq closes its border with Kuwait to prevent the spread of infection.

Feb. 25: Croatia and Austria report first cases while Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait, Thailand and Spain report more cases.

-- The total number of cases in South Korea rises to 977, while the number of cases across the world stands at 80,346. South Korea announces plans to test 200,000 members from Shincheonji Church of Jesus — reportedly the epicenter of the outbreak in the country.

-- The death toll in Iran, South Korea and Italy increase to 16, 12 and seven respectively, while the number of deaths worldwide reaches 2,705.

Donald Trump

-- Iraq bans travellers from seven countries and the UAE limits flights to Dubai from Iran. US President Donald Trump seeks $2.5 billion from the US Congress to fight the spread of COVID-19.

Feb. 26: Algeria, Brazil and Greece confirm their first cases of COVID-19 while South Korea confirms over 100 cases bringing the number of cases reported in the country to 1,261.

-- The official death toll rises to 2,770 and the number of confirmed cases shows very limited rise and stands at 81,245.

-- Japan says that planning for the Olympics scheduled for later this year in the island nation will continue. US President Donald Trump announces a press conference to address the coronavirus situation on Wednesday. US soldier stationed in South Korea tests positive for COVID-19.

-- International airlines, Air Canada and Egyptair extend the suspension of flights to several Chinese cities and Etihad Airways suspends flights to Hong Kong.

-- Kuwait, China, Bahrain, Thailand, Japan, Iran, France and Italy report new deaths. Several passengers from the cruise ship, Diamond Princess, who were let into Japan develop symptoms of the diseases, to be tested.

Feb. 27: China's National Health Commission confirms 433 that cases were recorded on Wednesday along with 29 deaths as the total number of confirmed cases across the world increases to 82,446 while the death toll shows a limited increase to 2,808.

-- More new cases are reported in Britain, Iraq, Iran, Israel, Greece and Switzerland. Estonia and Denmark report their first confirmed cases, increasing the number of European countries with confirmed cases to over 15.

nissan logo
Nissan logo Wikimedia Commons

-- Japanese automobile maker, Nissan, temporarily suspends production due to lack of supply of manufacturing parts from China. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe calls for a nationwide shutdown of schools amid infection fears.

-- Hundreds of cases are reported in South Korea on Thursday increasing the number of confirmed cases in the country to 1,766.

Feb. 28: Belarus, Lithuania, Wales and New Zealand report their first cases. Nigeria also confirms its first case, making it the first confirmed case in sub-Saharan Africa.

-- As the COVID-19 infection spreads to 57 countries, the global death toll rises to 2,867 and the total number of confirmed cases increases to 83,774.

-- South Korea continues to report cases as the number of cases steadily rises and stands at 2,337, prompting boy band, BTS, to cancel their Korean tour. The death toll in Korea increases to 13.

The members of BTS Facebook/BTS

-- Mongolian President Khaltmaagiin Battulga and the staff who accompanied him during a recent visit to China are placed under quarantine. Pope Francis who cancelled an official engagement on Thursday after feeling "sick", cancels more meetings.

Feb. 29: Thailand, Taiwan, Pakistan and Lebanon report new cases as the worldwide total of reported cases rises to 85,688.

-- Qatar reports its first case. South Korea continues to struggle as over 800 cases are reported on Friday, taking the number of confirmed cases in the country to 3,150. Iran reports nine more deaths as the number of casualties across the world increases to 2,933.

-- 427 new cases and 47 deaths are reported in China as the number of cases and deaths in the country touches 79,251 and 2,835 respectively.

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