Coronavirus outbreak: Clip of long distance haircut in China goes viral [VIDEO]

Hairdressers have found an alternate way of safe haircut. The video of long-distance haircut is going viral in China

Coronavirus spread has affected all kinds of businesses- large, medium and small, globally, especially in China. People are searching for alternative methods to carry on with their work while being careful about the virus breakout. Hairdressers in China are continuing their work with a small change as they have devised long-distance haircut and the video is going viral on social media.

A special tool is attached to the end of long sticks so that customers can get the desired hairstyle and hairdressers are not affected by the virus at all. The video first came out from two workers at a saloon in the southern city of Luzhou in Sichuan province performing long-distance haircuts. Hairstylist He Bing uploaded the video of 'long-distance haircuts' with a caption, 'Although the lockdown is finished, we still need to keep some distance to stay safe,' in a post on Chinese TikTok-like Douyin.

Hairdressers were wearing protective masks

Long distance haircut

Hairdressers are also seen wearing protective masks. The tool used to cut hair is at least three-foot long and from brushers to savers, anything that is used to cut and style hair can be attached to it. As people are avoiding going out, leave alone any purchases from outside food and clothes, the small businesses have been hit very hard. Most companies have asked their employees to work from home.

With this long-distance haircutting tool becoming popular, people might still visit saloons, but other businesses too will have to find an alternate way to run the business. Looks like it will take quite a long time before the situation becomes normal and people return to their day-to-day work and routine.

COVID-19 spreading around the world

As of March 5, China has recorded 80,430 confirmed cases and 30,013 deaths due to coronavirus. Globally, the COVID-19 has killed 3,304 people and the number of confirmed cases has gone up to 96,274.

Recently, video of a young girl trying to eat biscuit while wearing the mask and wondering why she can't chew on it had gone viral. In another viral video, two medical attendants were seen doing ballet while six patients suffering from coronavirus were declared cured and were discharged from hospital. In another viral video, nurse and cop were seen waltzing outside Wuhan hospital.

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