Coronavirus Lockdown: 3-year-old offering Namaz with his T-Rex toy in Malaysia goes viral [VIDEO]

A video of three-year-old Abbad Nawfal making his T-Rex dinosaur toy bow in obeisance during prayers on the occasion of beginning of Ramadan has gone viral

A video of a three-year-old child offering Namaz with his T-Rex dinosaur toy is going viral on social media. According to HMetro website, the family was offering Namaz due to lockdown directions issued in Malaysia. The name of the three-year-old child who accompanied them in prayers is Abbad Nawfal Mohd Asraf.

Speaking to HMetro, Nawfal's aunt Nurdiyana Mohd Nazaruddin said that she had recorded the video as she was not taking part in the prayer that day. The video Nurdiyana shared on the handle @didieey_has got more than 78,000 likes, has been retweeted more than 50,000 times and has received thousands of comments.

She told HMetro that Nawfal is her sister's son and the family lives in Taman Ampangan, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan in Malaysia. According to her, Nawfal took part in congregation prayers sometimes and he imitated the elders during the prayers.

Nawfal is trending on social media

Abbad Nawfal viral video
Twitter @didieey_

As it is the time of Maghrib on the occasion of the beginning of Ramadan on Thursday, April 23, the family was offering prayers at home when Nawfal joined his uncle along with his favourite T-Rex toy and not only was he bowing but also made his dinosaur toy bow in obeisance. This act has won the hearts of people and currently, Nawfal is one of the trending celebrity kids on social media.

This video was loved so much that even TV channels in Malaysia showed the clip while airing the news on how people are offering prayers during Ramadan in lockdown situations.

Coronavirus situation in Malaysia

Malaysia currently has confirmed 5,742 confirmed cases of coronavirus and has reported 98 deaths so far. Reports claim that 3,762 people have recovered from COVID-19.

Reports claimed that Malaysia has incurred a loss of 2.4 Billion Ringgit a day due to lockdown. It is said that lack of food for migrant workers, who are in a large number in Malaysia is the biggest challenge coronavirus has posed in the country. For many migrant workers, currently shipping containers have become homes as the country is under lockdown for six weeks now.

Lockdown was first announced mid-March and the migrant workers are said to have not received their payment from February, making them struggle to even have day-to-day meals.

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