Coronavirus killing spree: Author says Covid-19 outbreak is punishment for Christian persecution

  • Several conspiracy theorists believe that the coronavirus outbreak is an indication of the second coming of Christ

  • Scientists deny Biblical link and reiterate that the virus is part of SARS family

The coronavirus that started spreading from China's Wuhan province is now creating chaos all across the globe, and as per the latest updates, the pandemic has killed more than 14,300 people worldwide. Now, Billy Prewitt, author of The Coronavirus in Biblical Prophecy has claimed that the deadly virus outbreak is actually God's vengeance on mankind.

Is coronavirus the Biblical plague?

In his book, Prewitt claims that the recent coronavirus outbreak shares eerie similarities with the Biblical plague mentioned in the Bible. The book author argues that God has unleashed coronavirus as a punishment for Christian persecution that he alleges is happening everywhere.

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"The coronavirus is one of who knows how many diseases he meant, but the fact that is has affected the whole planet in such dramatic fashion forces to consider its prophetic ramifications," wrote Prewitt.

As per Prewitt, Egypt has suffered from great plagues in the past as they dared to touch people who were chosen by God, reports. The author believes that religious restrictions in China could be one of the main reasons why the virus started its killing spree from the Asian nation.

Coronavirus fulfilling Biblical prophecies?

In the meantime, a section of adamant Christian believers has started claiming that the coronavirus outbreak is actually fulfilling Biblical prophecies mentioned in the Book of Revelation. As per these people, the world is currently going through the great tribulation period where natural disasters and pandemic outbreaks will be quite common. They also believe that these events are actually associated with the second coming of Christ.

Is Coronavirus connected to Biblical prophecies?

Medical experts assure that the coronavirus outbreak is no way connected to the Bible or Biblical prophecies. As per medical experts, this virus belongs to the coronavirus family of pathogens. As of now, scientists know only seven human coronaviruses, and it includes the one responsible for SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome).

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