Coronavirus Changing Hollywood, 'Hulu' Release Shows OTT is Here to Stay Forever

Coronavirus pandemic is changing the way how Hollywood movies are getting produced and released, and this transition is expected to continue in the future too

The novel coronavirus that apparently originated from Wuhan, China has changed the entire course of human life. With a rising number of positive cases, the pandemic has proved that it is a perfect storm with no end in near sight. As panic looms up, the show biz industry is apparently finding its own new ways to survive the already dull market.

Coronavirus Pandemic Changing Hollywood

'No New Movies Till Influenza Ends', read a headline published by the New York Times in 1918 during the time of the Spanish Flu. During those times, technology was not that advanced, and people had only one choice to watch movies, going to theaters, and purchasing a ticket.

wonder woman
An illustration of Wonder Woman Sebastian Vital/Flickr

Now, as the planet is battling another pandemic, things have changed, and people have different choices to watch movies from their home. Until the coronavirus breakdown, OTT platforms were primarily popular in western countries, but now, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+ have emerged as a household name among families in developing nations like India.

With the help of these OTT platforms, several Hollywood films were released and according to reports, The Times alone has reviewed more than 460 Hollywood movies since the coronavirus outbreak a year back.

Big Budget on Theaters, Small Budget on OTT

Even though several movies are getting released on OTT platforms, there are always some limitations. For example, it will be sheer foolishness if the production company decides to release a big-budget movie like Wonder Woman 1984 on OTT platforms. Even if the production house decides to release such a movie, no OTT platform will dare to purchase such a high-budget film by paying a whopping price.

According to industry experts, the coronavirus pandemic has opened a new culture in Hollywood, and this new system may continue in the future too. Industry experts believe that even after containing the virus, OTT platforms will have its fair share of exclusive movie releases. In the future, only big-budget movies like Avengers or Wonder Woman that demand a theater watch will be released in movie halls, while the remaining movies where production cost can be retained easily will be premiered on OTT platforms.

On November 20, Hulu released Aneesh Chaganty's 'Run' and the film emerged as Hulu's most-watched feature title ever during its opening weekend. Interestingly, Run which starred Sarah Paulson and Kiera Allen overpowered the record of all licensed SVOD film titles.

Even though the OTT platform has not released details about the number of people who streamed the movie, the recent development is a clear indication of western audiences preferring to watch movies from the comfort of their homes.

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