Wonder Woman 1984: Diana's new abilities, invisible jet and 5 things revealed in new trailer

First official trailer for Wonder Woman 1984 is finally here and with it comes a sleeve of exciting plot details that's sure to excite DC fans

After much anticipation, Warner Bros dropped the first official trailer for Wonder Woman 1984 on Sunday at CCXP Brazil 2019 as announced. The brand new footage was quick to release online as well for mass consumption and details revealed in the trailer have got DC fans amped up.

Wonder Woman 1984 is surely shaping up to becoming a must-watch DC flick next summer. The first trailer confirms a few previously revealed plot points such as the return of Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), Diana's love interest, Pedro Pascal's first look as Maxwell Lord. But the two minutes 39-second video had a lot more to offer.

Improved suit & first look at Golden armor

Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer golden armor
Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer golden armour/ Youtube trailer

DC fans would remember witnessing a few snippets of a mall scene from Wonder Woman 1984 after the brief footage screened at last year's SDCC made its way online. Well, parts of that fight sequence are in the trailer and offer a closer look at Wonder Woman's suit which isn't battle-scarred and is quite colorful.

The bigger reveal in terms of costume comes during the end of the trailer when Diana (Gal Gadot) dons the Golden armor suit. The costume is inspired directly from the comics. Moreover, there's also a shot of the new attire with its eagle type golden weather.

Wonder Woman's Tiara boomerang

Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer screenshot cropped
Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer screenshot cropped/ Warner Bros. Youtube

During the Mall fight scene, Diana is shown using everything in her arsenal, including her Tiara. In the comics as well as the classic TV show, Wonder Woman is known for using her headgear as a boomerang, a metal made in Themyscira like her suit and is strong enough to break apart any steel.

Invisible Jet confirmed?

Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer Invisible Jet
Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer Invisible Jet/ Youtube trailer

Wonder Woman 1984 trailer quickly introduces the return of Steve Trevor and we also get to see the two spend some time exploring the "new future" world. One scene, in particular, shows the two riding in what clearly looks like a Jet and experiencing colorful sky shots.

On first look, it seems likely that it could be the Invisible Jet inspired from the comics. Neither Warner Bros or director Patty Jenkins and the WW84 rest of the cast have confirmed the magical transportation vehicle. But an early rumor did suggest the sequel will introduce it. What do you think?

New lasso techniques

Watching Wonder Woman in hand-to-hand combat is without a doubt one of the best visually pleasing moments in the DCEU (Ex: Diana's fight against Doomsday). But surely, fans would be looking forward to seeing more than just that and its exactly what the trailer teases.

During a few of the teased fight scenes, the trailer shows Diana wielding her lasso to whip out her enemies in new ways. But that's just the start of it as she uses it to also aid her in jumping long distances.

Hyperspeed & hyperjump + flying through lightning?

Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer screenshot cropped 2
Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer/ Youtube trailer

The best parts of the trailer offer a glimpse of Wonder Woman's untapped abilities such as hyperspeed. The footage shows Diana running through a protest at immense speed and using her Lazzo to whip her up to do a hyperjump.

The trailer doesn't confirm if Diana has the ability to fly. but she does have another neat little trick which seems to allow her to fly by grappling on to lightning bolts with her Lazzo. It shouldn't come as a surprise since she is the daughter of Zeus. You can check out all the point breakdowns in the trailer below. Wonder Woman 1984 hits theaters on June 5, 2020.

This article was first published on December 9, 2019