Cops Arrest Man for Not Wearing Mask; Confused Toddler Sits on Handcuffed Father's Lap in Viral Video

A video of a handcuffed man being reprimanded by cops while his little daughter sitting on his lap has gone viral. The incident occurred in western Sydney on Saturday, 28 August.

Cops Arrest Man for Not Wearing Mask
Screen Shot from Daily Mail's Video.

Why Did The Cops Arrest the Man?
The 31-year-old man was reportedly caught by the cops without a mask in the Covid-19 hotspot and failed to give a proper explanation due to which he was berated by the police, reports Daily Mail. In the viral video, he is being reprimanded while the toddler is seen sitting on his lap.

As per the report, the man was questioned by the cops around 2.20 pm on a walking path in Garrison Point Reserve, in George's Hall. The cops alleged that the 31-year-father got abusive and aggressive towards them when they questioned him for not wearing a mask.

'Officers warned the man on multiple occasions about his conduct before he was arrested," Daily Mail Australia quotes NSW Police as saying. The incident was recorded by a passer-by who urged the cops to be "fair a bit" with the 31-year-old man as he had a little daughter.

The Viral Video
"He's got a daughter here, she is by herself. Look, the little girl is scared man." The passer-by tells the officer, who responds to him that they will explain to him about the incident after talking to the 31-year-old handcuffed person.

In the clip, the 31-year-old is telling the cops that he would not speak until his daughter is by his side and the officer called the toddler to go back to his father.

The passers-by person argues with the cops that the 31-year-old man had not committed any offense and not to arrest him, but the officers warned him that he was obstructing them from discharging their duties.

The handcuffed man argues that he was going to drop off his daughter with his sister-in-law after which he had planned to go for a run. One of the two cops said, "But then you have to leave. You committed an offence."

His handcuffs were removed after the situation calmed down but he was fined for not wearing a mask.

In the NSW, people with valid reasons like buying goods, get vaccinated, authorised work and exercise can go out, but they should compulsorily wear masks.