Topless Woman Covers Nipples with Stickers, Writes 'Act Now' on Buttocks to Put Spotlight on Climate Change

A 31-year-old woman went topless at an Extinction Rebellion in Oxford Circus in London on Wednesday, 25 August. The politics student made a bold attempt to "draw attention to the climate crisis."

Topless Woman Covers Nipples with Stickers
A 31-year-old woman went topless at an Extinction Rebellion. Twitter Screenshot

Meet Laura Amherst
Apparently, Laura Amherst, a politics student at open university, took off her top after joining the protests. She wore black knickers and covered her nipples with her XR stickers. The words "wake up" written on her chest and "act now" written on her buttocks garnered attention in central London.

'Dancing topless brought a nice energy to the protest and was also a very body positive thing to do. A lot of people congratulated me for doing this, especially women. I'm not getting paid for this or doing it to draw attention to myself but just to save the planet.'" she told Daily Mail.

Laura Amherst's Decision Backed by Beau
Passers-by and protests reportedly hailed her attempt to draw attention towards the climate crisis. A resident of Brighton had the backing over her decision to go topless from her boyfriend and his father as they know about her love for nature.

However, the decision to bare all in public is taken by her. She added, "But it's got nothing to do with them because this is my body and I'm my own woman." The 31-year-old claims that she was not nervous about exposing her body in the public and her act met with a positive response from the crowd.

If Me Taking My Clothes Off Can Help Save The Planet
Laura Amherst claims, "If me taking my clothes off can help save the planet then why not. I made the decision on Monday at the start of the protest campaign. It was my own choice, it had nothing to do with anybody else."

By her own confession, Laura Amherst is a vegan by choice. She resides at a house that has renewable energy and owns a hybrid car. The activist is determined to go topless all through the XR's two-week protest campaign in London.

Laura Amherst adds, 'I started on Monday, so this is the third day of me going topless. Regardless of if it's sunny, cold or wet I will continue taking my top off. I have had a very positive reaction from both men and women.

Over 500 activists had gathered at Oxford Circus on Wednesday urging the government to stop investing in fossil fuels.