Cop Who Quit Job to Become Millionaire OnlyFans Stripper Owning Luxury Lamborghini Scared of Dating Men, Know Why

Millionaire OnlyFans model Charlotte Rose is scared of dating men because of this reason.

A British cop has left her job to join OnlyFans as a stripper model to earn millions of dollars by sharing saucy content online. Charlotte Rose, 28, is an ex-cop who now owns luxury cars and a big house after minting millions by uploading racy photos and X-rated videos on the NFSW OnlyFans site.

Reportedly, the hot model started selling sexy photos on the platform in 2016 and quit her career in law enforcement when the money started to fill in her account. The British bombshell makes over $200,000 USD per month through her OnlyFans account, according to New York Post. Rose recently splashed $350,000 to buy a purple Lamborghini, a lavish car that may lure in the wrong type of men.

"I do worry with the cars that I have that a guy would look at that and be like, 'Jackpot I get to drive supercars and luxury cars every day and live in a big house,'" Rose told Jam Press. She revealed she's never been on a date as she's "scared of gold diggers" whon could use her for her hard-earned money.

Charlotte Rose
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Who is Charlotte Rose?

Charlotte Rose hails from Essex in the UK. She was only 20 when she quit her job as a cop just after a year of service to join OnlyFans due to the "male-dominated" working environment. Rose, an animal-lover told Jam press that she dreamt of becoming a vet growing up and got into Cambridge University. But she decided to join the police force with hopes of becoming a dog handler, but, she was dispirited by the work culture.

"I passed my qualifications but it became apparent very quickly that it wasn't for me and the job was very male-dominated," Rose noted in an earlier interview.

Now, Rose, who is already a star performer on OnlyFans, says, it's not just gold diggers that she's scared of dating. The brunette said she's never had a boyfriend and now she's too busy to prioritize romance in her life.

"I don't really socialize, as I'm always working, so I don't really meet many new people," the ex-cop stated. She further mentioned that the only time she chats with guys is when she's online on OnlyFans, but, most of them are faceless or anonymous guys.

"The ones who do send pictures, I always wonder if I'm being catfished and it's really them," Rose added, according to reports.

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