Who is Gabriella Ellyse? Dental Assistant-Turned-OnlyFans Stripper Earns Over $149,000 Per Month By Sharing X-rated Photos

Gabriella Ellyse, who worked as a dental assistant for years, has dived into the adult industry through OnlyFans only to fill her bag with lots of cash per month. During the Inside OnlyFans podcast, Ellyse revealed that she had had a typical upbringing and chose to work for a dentist instead of pursuing higher studies in college. The woman, who lives in the United States, is currently working as an adult model sharing sexy snaps on OnlyFans, which has millions of content creators doing business on the X-rated platform.

Daily Star report suggests that Ellyse runs a "woman-owned" fitness clothing company, as well as poses for racy photos on her OnlyFans account. "I worked for a dentist for like five years," Ellyse recalled during the interview.

"Actually I really liked it. I worked front and back office, I worked for an orthodontist, I worked for a paediatric dentist, and then I worked for general," Ellyse said speaking of her past job. Ellyse revealed that she was initially hesitant when her friend suggested a radical career change despite her relatively low income.

Who is Gabriella Ellyse
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"My friend out of nowhere was like, 'you need to get out of this. This 8-5 is not working out for you," she said adding, "She was cracking up because I was showing up to her house in scrubs, I was barely making rent, and she's like, 'you need to start posting pictures on Instagram."

The OnlyFans model claimed that her friend forced her to sell hot pictures online. "She literally forced me – because she owns her own clothing brand – she was like, 'I'm going to shoot you in my stuff, we're going to take pictures of you'.

Ellyse said she hated being snapped and that she felt very awkward. But, despite her reluctance, the decision to turn into an adult model for OnlyFans has proved to be a lucrative one for her.

Who is Gabriella Ellyse?

Ellyse is a social media influencer cum adult model, who strips in racy snaps for OnlyFans. She has a whopping 2.5 million fans following her on Instagram. She is and entrepreneur, who own her own clothing brand called @shopgea.co and a brand ambassador of popular energy drink #BangEnergy.

"I just started OnlyFans, did it, people talked s***... So my first month, I didn't have that many people, and I think I made like $1000 (about £735) and I was like, 'holy s***, this is $1,000 I didn't have before," the model said speaking about the time when she started posting racy photos on OnlyFans.