Cooper Noriega Cause of Death: TikTok Star Found Dead at Los Angeles Mall After Posting Eerie Video About Dying Young

A California-based TikTok star was found dead in the parking lot of a Los Angeles mall. Cooper Noriega was dead hours after posting an eerie TikTok video about dying young. The 19-year-old boasted more than 2 million followers.

Cooper Noriega
Cooper Noriega Twitter

Noriega's death news broke after a passerby found the star unconscious in a mall parking lot outside Los Angeles. We're told paramedics arrived on the scene shortly thereafter but were unable to revive the young social media star, according to TMZ.

No Signs of Trauma On His Body

"Who else b thinking they gon d!€ young af," posted Noriega with a video of himself on TikTok soon before his death.

So far the cause of death is not revealed but the outlet citing its source reported that there were no signs of trauma on his body and no foul play is suspected. Officials have stressed that the cause of death can only be determined after the autopsy is performed.

Struggling With Addiction

Previously on June 4, the TikTok star had made a post revealing that he had been struggling with addiction since he was nine years old.

"I've been struggling with addiction since I was 9 years old, you may think that's crazy but that's the life I've been dealt. I would like to use the influence I've been given to create a space built on spreading awareness and normalizing talking about mental illness," he said in the post. The star boasted 1.7 million followers on TikTok and nearly 427,000 on Instagram.

Cooper Noriega
Cooper Noriega Twitter

Noriega Suffered A Fentanyl Overdose in 2020

Noriega, who had recently opened a Discord to help others with mental health, suffered a fentanyl overdose in 2020 that he described as a suicide attempt, but has celebrated his work to get clean ever since, according to Daily Mail.

Cooper Noriega
Cooper Noriega Twitter

The star had underlined that he learned a thing while struggling with the addiction that surrounding yourself with negative people will only bring you down. "For that reason, Discord is meant to bring us all together and create a safe space where people can vent and help others through their tough times," he wrote.

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