Cool 2Be Conscious: Making waves in the alternative and comprehensive healthcare niche

Cool 2Be Conscious

The brand by Ru Mackenzie and Ryan Hubbard has been creating a movement in Australia and changing lives for the better.

The way a few industries over the years have changed and made a swift rise to the top in more ways than one, it has attracted the attention of all across the world for all the right reasons. All this can be credited to the incessant hard work and visionary ideas of a few determined individuals and professionals who made sure to give it their all and, in the process, worked around ideas that could lead to creating powerful brands, platforms, and movements to better the lives of others. The alternative and comprehensive healthcare niche is one to have noticed these major changes and incredible growth. Professionals like Ru Mackenzie and Ryan Hubbard must be credited for the same for contributing heavily to the niche through their movement called Cool 2Be Conscious.

Cool 2Be Conscious (C2BC) has now spread like a movement across Australia, shifting to global impact in the coming years, which it already made this year. Beginning in February 2021, in such a short period, it has come a long way and hopes to go a long way in the near future, say the founders. Ru Mackenzie was an ex Rugby professional and worked with GymShark, Lululemon, and Well web. He and Ryan decided to dive deep into the alternative healthcare niche and thus came into being Cool 2Be Conscious. No one else did what they decided to do; they created the connection, the breathwork, the meditation sequence, and more, and it took them a year to establish it.

The movement has given people the permission, inspiration, and road map to becoming their fullest expression. This has led to its rise as a one-of-a-kind movement, where today, they have over 60 facilitators representing them, and in less than two years, they have also grown nationwide as a robust community. The founders say that C2BC is its own business/industry, where they bring inner awareness and personal growth to people in a simple and fun way, motivating them to better their identity and life.

C2BC (@cool2beconscious) has thrived on the incredible services it offers people across Australia, including Podcasts, Stillness, an hour of breathwork, meditation, and community. They offer Retreats, IG Lives, a Website with pre-recorded meditations and more, Facilitator/Licensees, C2BC Experience, and C2BC PLUS.