Convicted Rapist Plotted with Girlfriend to Hire Assassin to Kill Judge, Prosecutor and Victim Who Put Him Behind Bars

Alexander Kise and Alydia Gater
Alexander Kise and Alydia Gater. Twitter

A convicted rapist and his girlfriend face a slew of felony charges in an alleged murder-for-hire plot targeting three people involved in the man's rape conviction.

According to New York State Police, Alexander Kise, 21, who was already in Ontario County Jail awaiting sentencing for rape, made threats to kill the lead prosecutor and judge who presided over his trial, along with a trial witness.

Xanax Pills Worth $1,750 Given as Down Payment for the Hit

Prosecutors said Kise and Alydia Gater, 22, of Greece, discussed their murder-for-hire plot through jailhouse calls, using specifics like where the targets lived, prosecutors alleged. The couple also provided nearly $1,750 worth of Xanax as down payment.

"On April 21, 2024, on behalf of Kise, Gater agreed to meet an individual in the parking lot in the town of Victor to consummate the negotiated deal for murder of the Ontario County Court judge," Trooper Kevin Sucher said. "Unbeknownst to her, the person she was meeting was an undercover officer and not the person hired somebody else to kill them. Gater conducted a narcotics transaction with the undercover officer in lieu of money to murder the judge."

Kise and Gater are charged with attempted murder, conspiracy, and criminal sale of a controlled substance. They are both being held without bail. A 16-year-old has also been charged with attempted murder and conspiracy in the case.

Kise was Convicted of Rape Last Month

Kise was convicted of rape and other charges on March 15 after he held his victim, a high school senior, captive for two days, raping her and injuring her in June 2022. He was awaiting sentencing, and could face up to 50 years in prison on those charges.

The suspects are due in court next week, after which the DA's office anticipates presenting the charges to a grand jury.