Conspiracy theorist cries foul, seeks Trump's attention to Nibiru apocalypse

Conspiracy theorist David Meade has urged US President Donald Trump to focus on Nibiru apocalypse.


David Meade, a renowned conspiracy theorist who has shot to fame this year following his futile predictions on apocalypse has urged US President Donald Trump to investigate it saying the end is pretty nearer. In a recent talk with the Press Association, David Meade requested Trump to appoint an Independent Commission to research the issue and discover the truth.

Meade also made it clear that Donald Trump should know everything about the approach of Nibiru, as it is a matter of country's security. The conspiracy theorist also asked people to buy his book 'The End of Days – Planet X And Beyond' on Amazon, so that they can prepare themselves during the Armageddon days.

David Meade's mindblowing claims

David Meade's popularity reached new heights when he claimed that the world is going to end on September 23, 2017. The conspiracy theorist strongly affirmed that a rogue planet named Nibiru alias Planet X which is lurking on the edge of our solar system will hit the Earth on this date causing mass extinction on the planet.

However, the day went off uneventfully, following which he claimed that the apocalypse will be triggered on October 15, 2017, and tweaked his prediction choosing a safer path saying the world will go through a seven-year tribulation period where we will witness a series of natural disasters and even an imminent nuclear war.

People who support David Meade strongly believed that the recent earthquakes which hit Iraq, Iran, Mexico, and Tibet indicate that Nibiru is fast approaching the earth. In the meantime, a group of scientists revealed that 2018 will witness a drastic rise in seismic activities as the Earth's rotation is slowing down.

Is Nibiru a NASA coverup?

Earlier, David Meade has sensationally claimed that NASA knows everything about Nibiru, and the world's leading space agency is purposefully covering up the news fearing public panic. However, NASA has continuously refuted these statements made by conspiracy theorists terming Nibiru as an "Internet hoax".

Recently, an ex-NASA official named James Oberg has said that these weird thoughts of Nibiru, Planet X, and extra-terrestrial beings are popping up in the minds of people because of watching more and more sci-fi flicks.