Congressional Candidate Caught Using Bookcase-Themed Shower Curtain as Background

Online sleuths noticed striking similarities between the Democratic candidate's background and a vintage bookcase-themed shower curtain on Amazon.

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Pam Keith, who ran for Congress in Florida's 18th District, has gone viral on social media after netizens noticed a familiar setting in the background of the Democratic candidate's New Year's Day post.

On Jan. 1, Keith took to Twitter to announce her news-breakdown show, "But What It Really Means Is" to her 127K followers. "Hi, I'm Pam Keith," she said in the minute-long video clip shared on her verified Twitter handle.

Pam Keith
A still from Keith's video (left) and the bookcase-themed shower curtain available on Amazon. Twitter/Amazon

"I'm a former Democratic nominee for the U.S. Congress, an attorney, a former U.S. Naval Officer, the daughter of a diplomat who has lived a lifetime of a corporate life and is now a bold, progressive, unafraid to speak truth to power," she added.

In the video, Keith appeared to be talking from her study as a bookcase could be seen in the background, complete with multiple shelves and books.

Although the post was shared a little over a month ago, eagle-eyed social media users noticed striking similarities between the bookcase in Keith's post to a vintage bookshelf-themed shower curtain available on Amazon for $16.60.

Twitter Reactions

The tweet has since gone viral, garnering thousands of retweets and likes on the platform and has racked up hundreds of comments with some users speculating whether Keith was recording the video from her toilet.

"She's filming from her toilet?," wrote one user, while another commented, "She's doing this while sitting on the can."

Meanwhile other users drew attention to the giveaways, which includecreases in the bookshelf and the movement of the books. "You can see the books swaying in the bottom right," a user opined.

One user even claimed the incident was predicted by The Simpsons:

This is not the first time the shower curtain has been used by a politician to fake a background. In January, Erin Elmore, a former member of former President Donald Trump's campaign team and a contestant on the third season of The Apprentice used the same backdrop during an interview with Sky News Editor Adam Boulton.