Confirmed: Latest Leaks Suggest Redmi Note 10 Will Boast Snapdragon Chipsets

Redmi Note 10 possible specifications before the launch; from Snapdragon Chipsets to 64 MP primary camera, all's here.

As we all know the launch of Redmi Note 10 series is just around the corner and the Internet is currently flooded with the information about the smartphones' possible features. Following a handful of leaks, it has recently surfaced that all the devices in the Redmi Note 10 family will feature Snapdragon chipsets.


Redmi, a sub-brand of Chinese multinational electronics company Xiaomi, is planning to introduce the said series globally on March 4 and this brand-new family of phones is going to include three models - Redmi Note 10, Note 10 Pro and Note 10 Pro Max. These successors are set to hit the market exactly one year after their predecessors and reportedly, they will pack in a bunch of upgrades. In order to keep up the hype Redmi has shared titbits about the phones.

Recently, a tweet from Qualcomm India's Rajen Vagadia has put a seal on the fact that the Redmi Note 10 devices will all be powered by Snapdragon processors. Add to that, Manu Kumar Jain of Xiaomi has further gone to say the these will be the "best mid-premium processors of 2021".

While neither of the tech companies have revealed the specific details regarding the chipsets; certain guesses are doing the rounds and they definitely have the potential to become reality.

  • First of all, since Redmi Note 10 series does not include 5G branding, it suggests that the devices will come with 4G-only. Along with that the mention of mid-premium processors leads to the reference of Snapdragon 7 series processors. The most perfect chipset to accomplish these criteria would be the Snapdragon 732G. Interestingly enough Snapdragon 732G is essentially a gaming SoC, which has till now been exclusive to the Poco X3. It would be expected that another Xiaomi sub-brand would make use of it.
  • Secondly, if the component is not Snapdragon 732G, then it's possible that Redmi Note 10 series will mark the introduction of a completely new platform, which will be the base of the smartphones. Given the fact that Redmi Note is one of the bestselling smartphones in the market, it has a lot of potential to be true.
  • Last, but not the least, Redmi Note 10's predecessor, i.e., the Redmi Note 9 family, which came out last year was entirely powered by Snapdragon 720G processor. So, it's still not clear as to whether this time too, all the phones of the same family will boast a similar chipset or the cheaper members will feature something different.

The Internet is currently buzzing with updates and information regarding Redmi Note 10's upcoming features. Other specifications, which have surfaced over the past few days include:

  • An AMOLED and 120Hz IPS display.
  • Bigger batteries (5050 mAH) along with faster charging (33W).
  • A brand-new design language.
  • 64MP primary camera.
  • Aqua green, frost white, lake green, pebble white and shadow black colour options.
  • 4GB/64GB and 6GB/128GB storage options.