Colorado Police in Search of Man Who Entered Store Wearing KKK Hood With Racist Symbols

Prior to this event another man was also spotted in California wearing the KKK hood

The police officers in a Colorado city are searching for a man who was wearing a racist hood mask while shopping for daily groceries. The photos and videos circulating online show a man wearing the Ku Klux Klan hood while walking around a City Market in Dillon, Colorado. This is the second hate stunt pulled by a person in the past month.

The man was asked to leave the store while he was shopping on Thursday, May 14. The local news agencies reported that he refused to leave the store when an employee asked him to. Later, the store called the police.

The man was seen fleeing the store when the police arrived. The cops are presently trying to identify his vehicle using the surveillance footage. The police have also requested the community's help to track down the man.

Picture of the man has been circulating on social media

Coronavirus Supermarket Shopping
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Several images of the man in the store wearing the hood have been circulating on the internet. According to a video obtained by 9News, the man was seen talking to a few other customers in the store. He was standing with other customers when one of them asked him about his hood which prompted him to shrug and walk away.

People have been expressing their emotions over the man's choices on the internet by posting videos and pictures. The reports said that the man was seen arguing with other customers and employees over his choice of "protective gear."

According to the statement by the grocery chain, it respects every customer and believes in diversity and inclusion. "Right now, they're trying to identify him, contact him and take it from there," Kerstin Anderson, Dillon's director of communications told Summit Daily, It was also added that man's actions were taken seriously.

Earlier this month a man was spotted wearing the KKK hood in a store in Santee California. After several requested the man had taken off his hood while shopping on May 4. Officials said that they have no grounds to charge him.