Is Coldplay Collaborating with BTS? Viral Photo of Lyrics from Upcoming Album Fuels Speculation on Twitter

A viral screenshot of an upcoming track from Coldplay's upcoming album, Music of The Spheres, suggests they could be collaborating with BTS.

Since last month there has been a lot of buzz on social media that Coldplay and BTS might be collaborating on an upcoming song.

Now, a screenshot of lyrics from Coldplay's upcoming album has further fueled speculation and sent fans of both groups into a frenzy.

'My Universe Ft. BTS'

On May 30, a Twitter user shared a post containing screenshots taken from Genius – a website that has the the world's biggest collection of song lyrics showing the lyrics of Coldplay's upcoming song, My Universe. The title of the song includes the words "feat BTS" and appears to be part of Coldplay's upcoming album, Music of The Spheres.

The tracklist also notes the name of the track as My Universe Ft. BTS. The image has since gone viral on Twitter with fans unable to contain their excitement. While the Coldplay song's lyrics have also been released on other websites like Match Lyrics and Exposed Lyrics, none of them have BTS mentioned on their pages. This has led many to believe the rumors might be true.

Coldplay and BTS

Rumors or BTS a Coldplay Collaboration

The page has since been deleted and neither BTS nor Coldplay have addressed the rumors about their collaboration. There has been a lot of speculation that the two bands, who have millions of followers across the globe, might be teaming up.

The rumors first started swirling in April after it was reported that Coldplay's lead singer, Chris Martin, was in Korea. An employee from South Korea's Incheon airport posted a photo on Instagram featuring Martin's autograph. The Instagram account is private, but a screenshot of the said post immediately started circulating on social media with many speculating whether he was in town to talk about a collab with the K-pop band.

A week before this, BTS performed a rendition of Coldplay's Fix You during MTV Unplugged. The British band even complimented them by sharing the video on their official Twitter handle. They captioned the clip, "아름다운," which means "beautiful" in Korean.

Moreover,Coldplay recently praised the new BTS track, Butter. In a tweet posted on May 27, Martin listed some of the songs and movies that he enjoyed and Butter also received a shoutout.

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