Clinic worker who turned down Coronavirus tests for more vulnerable patients dies of COVID-19

'The time for joking about Covid-19 is over,' says her boyfriend

Natasha Ott, 39 who was a clinical worker was found dead in the kitchen after she was tested for coronavirus or COVID-19. She used to work at Crescent Care, an organization that provides treatment for HIV patients. She told her partner Josh Anderson that she felt "something in her lungs" a day before she was found dead. She wanted to get tested from her clinic but she declined after knowing out that they have only five tests remaining.

While recalling the messages between them Anderson realized that people at her work place said that she does not need to get tested unless she is developing a fever. After two days when she was still not feeling well, she decided to get tested at work.

She was waiting for test results

Natasha Ott
Natasha Ott facebook

They informed her that it would take five days to get the results after she got tested. Couple of days later, Anderson recalled Natasha complaining that she felt something in her lungs while both of them were walking her dog. The next day when no one answered the doorbell, Anderson walked in from back side of the house. When he went inside he found her dead in the kitchen.

Anderson shared the story through Facebook post and said that it is not the time to joke over COVID-19. It is time to keep your loved ones safe. "Natasha was a profoundly kind, passionate, funny and loving 39-year-old woman in good health," he said.

He also added, "I believed that people should stay home, but I don't think I fully understood what the consequences could be if they didn't." United States is currently the third most affected country by coronavirus after Italy and followed by Spain. There has been more than 26,500 cases confirmed while death toll reached up to 340, maximum in Washington State.

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