Cleaning Up Casts Jun So Min, Kim Jae Hwa, and Yum Jung Ah Share their First Impression of New Drama

With just a few days left for the premiere of the upcoming JTBC drama Cleaning Up, its cast members Jun So Min, Kim Jae Hwa, and Yum Jung Ah shared their first impressions of the mini-series. The actresses said they enjoyed reading the script and had fun while filming. According to them, the story has several tense and enjoyable moments.

The drama is the Korean remake of a British television series of the same name, which follows three cleaners working at a securities firm. Their lives change after they accidentally overhear some information about insider trading. The incident helps them attempt to forge a new destiny, and the drama will feature the outcome.

The mini-series features So Min as Ahn In Kyung, who plans to open a food truck and a café with her savings. Jae Hwa will portray a deceptively charming cleaner named Meng Soo Ja, a resourceful person with the ability to befriend anyone and use them for her needs. Jung Ah will play a hardworking mother named Eo Yong Mi. She has two young daughters and is the only breadwinner in the family.

Cleaning Up
A poster of the upcoming JTBC drama Cleaning Up. Twitter/JTBC

Fun and Enjoyable Drama

All the three cast members described Cleaning Up as a fun and enjoyable drama. They said it was one of the reasons for them to choose this mini-series as their next television project. Jung Ah and Jae Hwa said they desperately wanted to do the drama and the roles because they enjoyed reading the script.

"First, I read the script so enjoyably because the setup was so original. Also, after hearing that my seniors were participating, I could not say no", So Min said.

Cleaning Up will premiere on JTBC Saturday, June 4, at 10.30 pm KST. Ahead of the first episode telecast, the viewers can get a glimpse of the mini-series through its teaser videos. One of the clips shows the women trying to use their invisibility as a weapon to build a bright future. In the footage, the three ladies discuss one of a kind opportunity.

Watch the Teaser Below:

Yong Mi says, "We are invisible people. We are in the same place, but who do not exist to them. But they say that can become a weapon for us. Because when we are wearing this uniform, the men's bathroom is not the only off-limit place we can enter."

She also comes up with a plan to use their invisibility as an opportunity. "They know the stock price will rise, so they buy that company's stock, and then sell it when the price goes up," she explains.

Cleaning Up
JTBC introduces the three cleaners at a security firm in the new teaser video. YouTube/Screenshot

Fun Poster

Ahead of the premiere, the production team also released a fun poster featuring So Min, Jae Hwa, and Jung Ah secretly scrounging information from the securities firm called Vested. The image introduces Na In Woo as a nerdy engineering Ph.D. student named Lee Doo Young. He gets entangled in the cleaners' scheme. The image also features actor Lee Moo Saeng as a mysterious informant for a law firm named Lee Young Shin.

"This new poster captures each of the characters who hear all the things said during the day at Vested. Although no one was paying attention and no one knew about it, there are living eyes and ears in every corner of the securities firm. Will Yong Mi, In Kyung, and Soo Ja be able to hear all the things said during the day at Vested without getting caught? And how will Young Shin and Doo Young get entangled in these fearless women's attempt to hit the upper limit price of life? Whatever you are imagining, Cleaning Up will be even more entertaining than your wildest dreams, so please give it lots of interest and love", the producers said.