Clare Ogden: Cleveland Policewoman Records Sex Video Wearing Uniform in Police Station's Bathroom; Says Was 'Caught in the Moment'

Clare Ogden, a former policewoman, recorded a sex video while being on duty at the police station. The graphic video, which features Ogden in uniform, was shared with her partner.

The 40-year-old former cop claimed that the sex video was recorded in the toilet at the police station during her lunch break. After serving for nearly 17 years, Ogden resigned from Cleveland Police in June.

Clare Ogden
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Footage was Found in Seized Mobile Phone

The Sun reported that the sexual footage was found on the Ogden's mobile phone which was seized after the cop as suspected of sharing confidential police data.

Ogden was accused of recording sensitive police information on her personal mobile phone and sending it to a third party. During the hearing at Middlesbrough FC's Riverside Stadium, it was revealed that there were three personal videos found on Ogden's phone. The videos were shot after clocking on for her shift at Redcar Police Station, according to Barrister Mark Ley-Morgan, The Sun reported.

"There are three videos. One is accepted of being of her performing a sex act upon herself. There are two others she is saying are not sexual. She accepts on her part that globally this allegation amounts to gross misconduct and one of the images is definitely sexualized. She says, 'I'm not accepting I was on duty. I might have been on my lunch break'. In my submission, that is wrong," he said.

Ogden Says She Was Caught in the Moment

"When officers come on duty they are on duty for the entirety of the shift. They are not working at Sainsbury's where they get an hour off for lunch. They are there for the entirety of their shift and they are paid for the entire shift. She is in uniform. She is in a police station. Any member of the public is going to take a dim view of a police officer who engages in that sort of sexual behavior and recording it while on duty in a police station," Ley-Morgan added.

Accepting that she was "ashamed and embarrassed" Ogden said she was caught in the moment when she recorded the sex video. "I went downstairs in the office to use the bathroom. It was an ill-judged spur of the moment decision, I was caught in the moment. I don't think I have experienced embarrassment and shame like it. I just wish I had not done it. It was a five to seven second moment of my life that I will regret for the rest of it. I am devastated. If I could turn back time and change my actions I would. I cannot put into words how sorry I am," she said.

The outlet further reported that during the investigation 72 images of computer screens, evidence bags and crime scenes, were found on Ogden's personal mobile.