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The new tvN's time-travel sci-fi drama, Circle held a press conference on June 15. During the press conference, Gong Seung Yeon revealed what it was like to work with a young actor like her co-star Yeo Jin Goo.

While talking about the actor, she said, "He is younger than me, but when I see him act, he seems like the older one."

Yeo Jin Goo chimed in at this asked playfully, "What seems older? My face?"

The actress replied, "It's not only your voice, but these days, if you're good-looking, you'd be an older oppa [regardless of your age]. Even my friends call him, '[Yeo] Jin Goo-oppa.'"

Previously, the PD of Circle Min Jin Ki praised the actor and said, "Because of his many years of experience, his aura and presence on set are unparalleled. He's an actor that can tell whole stories with just his eyes."

Min Jin Ki went on to say that the character he played is a very complicated one.

Moreover, "The sci-fi genre is not easy for most actors; however, Yeo Jin Goo makes very few mistakes and his near-perfect acting abilities make it impossible to imagine anyone else in that role," he added.

Meanwhile, the tvN's said drama kicked off last month with appreciating viewership ratings considering the cable network in mind. Viewers were glued to the screen to unravel the mysteries of present and future, taking place in 2017 and 2037.