Chromecast users reporting broken HDMI CEC feature, Google fix under works

Google Chromecast users have long been enjoying the privilege of remotely controlling their devices connected via HDMI, using their TV remote. Some of the remote functions like playing/pausing a video on the phone using the TV remote are no longer working due to the broken CEC feature.

However, a recent Chromecast firmware update (v1.23) has apparently broken the CEC feature forcing all affected users to share their woes on the official Google Product Forums.

It is ascertained that Google is already working on a fix, as the recent bug-fix update (v1.23.84839) has reportedly failed to resolve the issue with several users still reporting that the HDMI feature is not working.

Affected users are advised to share their feedback and experience with the CEC issue on the official Chromecast Help Forum for getting further assistance from Google's technical team.