Google Wifis randomly stop working or turn solid blue, here's how to fix

Google announces a couple of official fixes to address the Google Wifi problems.

Google Wifis
Google Wifis randomly stop working or turn solid blue, here's how to fix

Several Google Wifi users have taken to the official support forums complaining about their device not working after some time or showing up a steady blue light on the primary hub. If your device is glowing with blue light while the satellite hubs flash orange, it could signal connectivity issues with the primary hub.

Some affected users have suggested restarting the primary hub as the quick fix to temporarily address this problem. Although the root cause of this issue is not yet known, speculation is rife that it could actually be related to the latest update with build number 9202.35.8.

It is evident that only a select number of users are affected with the issue and Google has responded to the flurry of complaints posted on its support forums with a set of possible fixes to overcome this problem, until an official patch is rolled out in the near future.

Here are some excerpts from Google's official statement including instructions to avert this issue temporarily:

Our team is still looking into this and working hard on getting a fix out-- we aim to have it out as soon as possible.

The engineering team is still working on a final fix for this issue. However, over the past few days our support team has seen two workarounds that make help resolve the issue temporarily until the fix is released. These have worked in a few cases, and may be worth a try:

1. Attempt to setup GWifi from scratch using a different owner account. This can mean creating a new Google account, or using a family member's Google account to setup the Google Wifi devices through the GW app.

2. Disconnect wireless Windows 10 devices or Xbox devices (or connect them via ethernet instead). There have been a few cases in which disconnecting any Windows 10 devices or Xbox devices has brought the Google Wifi network back up again without crashes.

You can also reach out to our support team ( or, who will be able to provide more deep-dive troubleshooting advice based on the topography of your network. As always, thank you for your patience while we work on this issue.

Although the temporary fixes provided by Google might get the issue resolved for now, it isn't an ideal scenario to switch to a new Google account or give up using a Windows 10 device as a means to get your Google Wifi up and running.

[Source: Google]