Christina Ashten Gourkani: OnlyFans Model and Kim Kardashian Lookalike Died of Cardiac Arrest after Having Injected Silicone into Buttocks by Unlicensed Practitioner

Gourkani hired Florida woman Vivian Gomez, who doesn't have a medical license to practice, to help her with the enhancement.

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The OnlyFans model who spent thousands of dollars on cosmetic surgery in a bid to look like Kim Kardashian died of a massive cardiac arrest after she got silicone injected in her buttocks by an 'unlicensed practitioner,' it has been revealed. Christina Ashten Gourkani, who went by Ashten G online, died at a California hospital last month while recovering from the operation.

The 34-year-old American model's family and friends said that a "medical procedure took a turn for the worse" before her "sudden and tragic" death on April 20. The cause of her death has been revealed as cosmetic surgery gone wrong, with the practitioner now behind bars.

Fatal Surgery

Christina Ashten Gourkani
Christina Ashten Gourkani Twitter

According to The Daily Post, Gourkani hired Florida woman Vivian Gomez, who doesn't have a medical license to practice, to help her with the enhancement. 'Several injections' of silicone are believed to have been administered to Gourkani by Gomez on April 19, according to San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe.

Gomez was detained on April 20 at Fort Lauderdale International Airport in Florida, and she will be extradited to Redwood City in San Francisco.

Gomez faces charges of practicing medicine without a license, causing grave bodily injury, and involuntary manslaughter.

The death of Gourkani is currently under investigation by the coroner's office.

The grieving model's family last month launched a GoFunsMe page to raise money for her funeral, which took place on May 4. Gourkani was one of the rising stars on OnlyFans, with a huge fan base.

The page included both a lengthy statement expressing the family's shock and pain and a concise description of the events leading up to Christina's death following the plastic surgery procedure.

Christina Ashten Gourkani
Christina Ashten Gourkani Instagram

"It is with deep sorrow and an immensely heavy, broken heart that we have to share the most shattering, unfortunate and unexpected passing of our beautiful, beloved daughter and sister Christina Ashten Gourkani," Christina's family wrote.

The statement continued by describing the terrifying moment when someone screamed, "Ashten is dying, Ashton is dying!" to Christina's family at 4.30 am.

Christina's relatives claimed they received a "frantic" phone call and rushed to the hospital last week on Thursday morning to be by her bedside.

Thereafter, the family spokesperson described the "living nightmare" of seeing her condition deteriorate in the hospital after her cardiac arrest.

Family, Friends Still in Shock

Fellow OnlyFans model Mary Magdalene paid a touching tribute to Christina on Instagram. Magdalene, who herself is obsessed with plastic surgery and once almost died trying to get the 'world's fattest vagina', wrote: "I don't know her, [but] I would always just randomly see her on Instagram and think she was really pretty but that is so sad she just died from plastic surgery."

"It is so scary because you really just never know when you're going to die from [risky surgery]," she added, before expressing her own concerns about "sustaining brain damage" anytime she goes under the knife.

Another fellow OnlyFans model Maddison Fox said: "I'm so so crushed to hear of your loss, gone too soon.

"Ashten was beautiful just as her natural self."

Influencer Kristhin Gomez wrote: "I still can't believe it.

"When I saw your story I was hoping it wasn't true... we will miss you so much. Always alive in our hearts."