Chinese Rocket Falling On Earth; Uncontrolled 23-Ton Rocket Could Slam Into Mexico's Baja Area

A Chinese rocket booster could crash on Earth on Saturday. Although there are fewer possibilities that it will hit a populated area.

The re-entry window for the space debris has narrowed as its orbit decays, and it is no longer possible for the rocket booster stage to fall into the atmosphere over the United States, according to a report.

However, a populated area of Mexico on the Baja California peninsula, near Cabo San Lucas, is now the midpoint of the re-entry window, according to the latest assessment from the Aerospace Corporation, reported Daily Mail.

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The falling debris is from the Long March 5B-Y3 rocket, which China considers the most powerful rocket in the country. To deliver the Wentian module to China's Tiangong Space Station, the rocket was launched on July 24.

The latest ground track shows the path of the falling rocket booster.
The latest ground track shows the path of the falling rocket booster. Twitter

Impossible To Predict Accurate Crash Point

According to recent tracking, there are large possibilities that debris could fall into the open ocean. It's impossible to predict the exact point of the crash as the booster stage races around Earth's orbit every 90 minutes.

Monitoring groups predict that the rocket stage will de-orbit between 12.24pm and 2.24pm ET on Saturday, a window still large enough for the debris to circle Earth roughly 1.3 times, according to Daily Mail.

Western Hemisphere Will Be In Daylight During Reentry Window

During the reentry window, the Western Hemisphere will be in daylight which makes it a bit unlikely to catch the glimpse of the falling debris.

Experts have predicted that the rocket booster could reenter the Earth's atmosphere on Saturday at 1:15 pm. It's not the accurate timing as the rocket booster could take one hour more or less to hit the earth.

NASA previously warned the Chinese space agency, which doesn't follow international norms on certain product development, to manufacture and design their rockets to disintegrate into smaller pieces upon re-entry.

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