Coronavirus Actually Emerged From Wuhan Sea Food Market; Two Studies Reject Lab Leak Theory, Here's Why

Coronavirus actually originated from Wuhan's seafood market where live animals are sold, according to the two studies. However, these reports reject the speculation that it emerged from Wuhan's virology lab.

The Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market was likely the early epicenter of the scourge, according to research published by the journal Science.

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Coronavirus Spilled From Animals Into People Two Separate Times

In the study, researchers argue that coronavirus spilled from animals into people two separate times.

Kristian Andersen, a professor in the Department of Immunology and Microbiology at Scripps Research and coauthor of one of the studies, stated that all this evidence points right to this particular market in the middle of Wuhan. Andersen also stated that he was quite convinced of the lab leak myself until we dove into this very carefully and looked at it much closer, according to AP News.

Initial COVID-19 Cases Were Found Close To The Sea Food Market

One of the studies used mapping tools to find the origin of coronavirus. It focused on the locations where initial 150 COVID cases were reported. The study also focused on the cases which were reported in January and February 2020. The study used a social media app that made a channel to help people who were infected with coronavirus during the initial spread of the disease.

The study found that in nearly all the initial cases of COVID-19, a large number of cases were found near the seafood market.

University of Arizona evolutionary biologist Michael Worobey stated that the pattern was found in all cases in December and also in cases with no known link to the market.

"This is an indication that the virus started spreading in people who worked at the market but then started to spread into the local community," said Worobey, according to AP News.

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This article was first published on July 27, 2022
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