Chinese Media Tries to Give Image Makeover to Violence-Hit Kabul: 'Stop Whitewashing Brutal Talibanis,' Netizens Slam

Visuals of the Taliban's atrocity has been shocking the international community and continued to garner widespread criticism. The brutal executions and heart-melting clips of people seeking help are a common sight. Yet a Chinese-affiliated media posted a clip of calm and peaceful Afghanistan which is facing a backlash from netizens.

Chinese State-Affiliated Media Shares Video of Safe and Secure Afghanistan Following Taliban Takeover
Chinese State-Affiliated Media Shares Video of Safe and Secure Afghanistan Following Taliban Takeover. Screen Shot

The official Twitter handle of CGTN (China Global Television Network) posted the video of Afghanistan returning to its normal state after the Taliban came back to power. The caption read, "Video: Streets in Afghan capital Kabul appear calm with people walking out on the streets and markets reopening after the Taliban took control of the city. #Afghanistan. [sic]"

What's In the Clip?
The clip shows shopkeepers opening the shops, men and women walking and cars passing by. It indicates that there is no violence in the region and lives have started returning to normalcy. On the other hand, the clips of Taliban brutality are all over the internet. Hence, netizens have slammed the Chinese media.

China is getting ready to deepen its friendly relationship with the Taliban. It has offered economic support to the war-torn country as it fears the Taliban might become a safe haven to Uyghur separatists.

So, netizens accuse China, which shares a 76-kilometre border with Afghanistan, of trying to give a positive image to the new regime, which ousted Ashraf Ghani's government out of power.

Check out Select-Few Comments About the Video:

Amma Pakoda: Stop whitewashing the brutal Talibanis.

Jeypah (The Real Pope): Chinese mfs trying to sanitize the brutal Talibans

PakAlienKhan: 1000s Taliban already washed the Millions of whites from Afghanistan single handedly after whites attacked them over confidently Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joy

Abaseen yousafzai: People are happy hahaha what a stupid and blind reporter people are varying.

Meanwhile, the Taliban, which promised to protect women's rights in Afghanistan within the norms of Sharia Law, has banned co-education in private and government-run schools and universities, terming it as the "root of all evils in society."