Chinese man crushed to death by bullet train while trying to cross tracks
A screengrab from YouTube video of the accident.

A man in his 30s was crushed to death by an oncoming bullet train in China on Sunday afternoon after a failed attempt to run across the railway tracks at Nanjing South Railway Station.

A graphic video that was uploaded on Chinese news site People's Daily Online showed the man being trapped at the edge of the platform. The upper half of his body from the waist up is visible. The man was stuck between platform 22 and the first carriage of the bullet train, which runs at an average speed of 300kmh.

Eyewitnesses told Asia One that the man was trying to get to another platform to catch the right train. But, unfortunately, he could not raise himself to safety on time and his decision to dash across the tracks proved fatal.

Reports said that the man, who was not identified by local media, remained conscious as he attempted to free himself while the authorities rushed to the scene. The firefighters were overheard shouting continually at the victim: "Keep breathing, don't sleep!".

Shanghaiist, the online news site reported that the man eventually lost consciousness and was later pronounced dead by a doctor at the scene. The rescue teams were forced to break apart the concrete platform to create a gap and pull the victim's body out from there.

Later, Nanjing South Railway Station released a statement confirming the incident. It added that the authorities are investigating the incident.