Chinese Food Blogger Stabbed to Death by Rival Influencer During Livestream in Nepal

A popular Chinese street food blogger was stabbed to death while livestreaming from Nepal in a shocking attack allegedly carried out by a rival influencer.

Chinese national Feng Zhengyung, 37, was arrested Dec. 4 on suspicion of killing Gan Soujiong, 29, and injuring 32-year-old Li Chuzan.

Gan Soujiong
Gan Soujiong was stabbed to death while he was livestreaming himself walking through a market in Kathmandu, Nepal on Dec. Twitter

The violent knife attack took place on a Sunday afternoon at the crowded Indra Chowk market in the capital, Kathmandu, Asia Wire reported.

Shocking video shows Gan, who is known online as "Fatty Goes To Africa," broadcasting himself live walking and laughing with a pair of friends when the scene is suddenly interrupted by a series of distressing, high-pitched screams, followed by wild shaking before the screen goes black.

Another clip shows a visibly dazed Gan sitting in the middle of the street covered in blood while another person — believed to be Feng — can be heard swearing at him in Chinese.

Lying on the ground, Gan can be seen clutching his stomach to observe the injury in the abdomen and gesturing for a phone, presumably signaling to onlookers to call for help. We will not be embedding the clip as it is extremely graphic in nature.

Gan was taken to the National Trauma Centre, where he died that night from stab wounds to the chest and stomach, reported the news outlet OnlineKhabar. His companion Li, who was also stabbed in the stomach during the street attack, was hospitalized in critical condition.

Gan Soujiong and Feng Zhengyung
Gan Soujiong (Left) and Feng Zhengyung Twitter

Feng, who goes by the moniker "Ayun" online, was arrested by the local police in connection with the stabbings. According to preliminary reports, Feng, who lived in Nepal, held a grudge against Gan stemming from multiple unspecified disputes and unresolved debts.

Gan used his social media platforms to introduce his nearly 5 million followers in China to the food and culture of foreign countries.