Chinese Boy, 10, Chokes Grandmother to Death After She Tries to Discipline Him in Graphic Video

A video of a young boy putting his grandmother in a headlock and choking her to death after she tried to punish him with a beating is being widely circulated on Chinese social media. The tragic incident, which took place in rural China, shows an old lady beating the 10-year-old boy while she is on the bed. The boy appears to be about the same height as the old lady.

Enraged by the punishment, the boy yells at the woman before placing her in a chokehold and wrestling her to the ground.

Chinese boy strangles grandmother to death
Stills from the video that is being widely circulated on Chinese social media platforms. Twitter

"Let you hit me, let you hit me," the boy is heard screaming as he continues to place his arms around his grandmother's neck. The woman, unable to break free from the boy's grip, tries to slap the boy with her slippers but he refused to let go.

Moments later, the grandmother becomes unresponsive and her whole body goes limp. The individual filming the video, who also appears to be a child, fails to intervene and at one point even says "Don't fight, get up quickly."

The boy refuses to listen and continues to strangle the old woman's neck. At this point, a woman who appears to be the child's mother walks in and is heard saying, "Don't crush your grandma to death."

But the little boy has no intention of letting go at all, roaring, "You beat me every time, saying I'm unreasonable, beat me, who is unreasonable!"

The incident lasted for over two minutes. The person who filmed the incident finally realized that something was wrong and went up to stop the young boy.

"You let go, she won't hit you anymore"

"She promises not to hit you anymore, she really won't hit you anymore, just let go."

The mom grew angry and began disciplining and hitting the boy. The boy eventually lets go but it was too late. The grandmother's lifeless body is seen on the ground. The clip ends with the woman violently beating the child while cursing, "Your grandma is dead."

The following video is graphic in nature. Viewer discretion is advised.