The world is currently grappling to tackle the coronavirus or COVID-19 outbreak, which probably started in China. The virus outbreak that has claimed the lives of nearly 800,000 people most probably started from the Wuhan wet market located in the Hubei province even though many consider to defy the claims about the origin.

From the time the virus outbreak has started spreading around the world, many photos and videos showing bats and other exotic wild animals being sold at unhygienic animal markets in China for their meat went viral on social media.

Netizens from around the world have been since then continuously criticizing the food habits of the people of China as most of them blamed them for the virus outbreak. Even the US President Donald Trump had called the virus as 'China Virus'.

Food Habits Change in China

Wuhan Coronavirus
Twitter / Imran Iftikhar

Now, a recent survey has shown that nearly 91 percent of the people who participated in the study have changed their eating habits during the coronavirus outbreak, as reported by the China Youth Daily. As per the survey involving 2,001 people, the new habits include having well-cooked meat, selected by 69 percent of the respondents, eating less raw or cold food, by around 57 percent, and drinking more amount of water and eating fresh fruits, vegetables and high-protein food, by 57.3 percent.

The survey showed that many of the people have adopted healthier eating habits and food preparation procedures because of the epidemic. Over 51 percent mentioned that they wash their hands before eating, 34 percent stated they use salt or baking soda for washing fruits and vegetables. Another 31.3 percent use separate kitchenware for the raw and prepared food. Most of the people agreed that it is important to develop healthy eating habits and around 95.5 percent mentioned that they are going to maintain the new habits.

The deadly virus outbreak has created a major stir around the world in recent times and has infected more than 89,000 people in China and claimed the lives of over 4,700 people in the country. Scientists are currently working to find a cure for the disease to tackle the spread of the virus.