China's Wuhan Finds No New Cases of Coronavirus in City-Wide Testing

The deadly virus outbreak has created a major stir in recent times and has spread to more than 170 nations

The Chinese city of Wuhan located in the Hubei province where the coronavirus or COVID-198 first emerged, did not find my new cases of the deadly virus and 300 asymptomatic cases in the city-wide testing that started in mid-May, the official mentioned on Tuesday.

Wuhan launched the ambitious campaign on May 14, testing around 9.9 million people following the finding a cluster of new cases in the city that raised the fears of a second outbreak of the deadly novel virus.

Wuhan Did Not Find Any New COVID-19 Cases in City-Wide Testing

Wuhan city Wikimedia commons

But authorities found no new cases of the disease in the May 14 to June 1 testing, officials told reporters in a briefing, adding that the asymptomatic cases were found to be not infectious. China does not count asymptomatic cases, meaning people who are infected with the virus but do not exhibit symptoms of the disease, as confirmed cases.

The coronavirus is believed to have jumped from an animal to people in a market selling wildlife in Wuhan late last year. The central Chinese city, the capital of Hubei province, was placed under lockdown on Jan. 23. It was lifted on April 8. It was the hardest hit of any Chinese city and accounts for the majority of the 4,634 deaths and a total of 83,022 infections reported in mainland China. The cost of the city-wide testing effort was about 900 million yuan ($126 million).

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