China virus scare: Girl tries to eat biscuit with face mask on, video goes viral

A video of a girl trying to eat a biscuit with her mask on has gone viral and netizens cannot get enough of her cuteness

The video of a little girl in China trying to eat biscuits while she is wearing a mask has gone viral. With the coronavirus having claimed nearly 3,000 lives in China, wearing a mask has become mandatory in the country. Not realizing the hindrance caused by the mask, the girl innocently continues to bite on the biscuit, wondering why she can't taste anything. The video was posted by the South China Morning Post.

Girl eating biscuit viral

It is not known where the video was shot and who the child in the video is. But this clip has moved netizens who cannot get enough of her innocence in worrisome times that have been brought on in the country by the coronavirus infection.

Watch the video here:

Netizens shower adoration on social media

Netizens have taken to social media and expressed their opinions on the video. "That's adorable, hopefully she can stay corona free. If only cuteness was the vaccine," said Rich Smith.

Another user Aman Singh wrote: "I don't know what to do? Laugh or feel what they are going through. Another comment read, "I feel terribly sad, but at the time she has put a big smile on the face for being so cute and so innocent."

China still the worst-hit country

As on March 2 morning, China has reported over 80,000 confirmed cases of the virus and the death toll has risen to 2912. As many as 202 new cases were reported on March 2 whereas 32,599 people are being treated for COVID-19. Reports claim that 7,110 among those being treated are in a critical condition. So far, the number of patients who have recovered in China is 44,515.

The second most infected country, South Korea, has 4,212 confirmed cases and has reported 22 deaths so far. Italy is in the third place with 1694 confirmed cases and 34 deaths, followed by Iran with 978 confirmed cases and 54 deaths. Meanwhile, the US reported a second death due to COVID-19.

Recently another video of two medical attendants performing ballet to congratulate six patients who were being discharged after recovering from Coronavirus had become viral.

Watch the video here:

Currently, Coronavirus has spread to 67 countries. Apart from the countries, Diamond Princess ship has 705 confirmed cases of coronavirus and seven deaths have been reported.

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