China video: Pregnant woman turned away from two hospitals in Guangzhou as they don't treat Africans

  • The video shows the nurse turning the couple away from the entrance without letting them see a doctors

  • Africans have been banned from entering restaurants and malls

  • Chinese blame Africans for the resurgence of Coronavirus in China

A new video that has surfaced online that shows a nurse in China barring a pregnant African woman from entering a hospital in Guangzhou.

The new China racism video that has widely been shared on social media shows the pregnant woman accompanied by her husband being turned away from a Guangzhou hospital.

The pregnant woman was complaining of stomach pain and needed to see the doctor, but the video shows the nurse turned the couple away from the gate itself.

china racism

The video claimed that the husband of the pregnant woman took his wife to two hospitals but was turned away from both as they were Africans. The video has generated a wave of widespread anger among the African community. The veracity of the video can not be established independently.

Despite widespread condemnation, there is little to no change in the condition of Africans facing discrimination in China as they still are barred from hotels, shops, and restaurants in Guangzhou

There is general disinformation among the Chinese that the Africans are responsible for the second wave of coronavirus outbreak in China.

What triggered attacks on Africans?

Beginning of April, Guangzhou tightened measures after the city saw more than 100 imported cases of Covid-19, including 25 involving foreign nationals.

The Chinese media but highlighted that all imported cases were from African nationals.

Soon after this, online rumors claimed that two Nigerians, who were in quarantined had escaped and that had led to a resurgence of the virus outbreak in Guangzhou.

In response, the Chinese reacted with anger and distrust, dozens of Africans have been evicted from homes, while restaurants and malls have barred Africans. There have been dozens of videos from China that show African men being brutally beaten up.

China since the beginning has been playing down the attacks a mere understanding and now the tone has shifted to blaming it as US conspiracy to undermine China-African relations.

There are thousands of Africans, who are now waiting for their government to take them out of China. Nigeria has issued an emergency evacuation order and over 2,000 Nigerians are waiting to be taken back home.

Samantha Sibanda, the founder of the Beijing-based Appreciate Africa Network, told VICE News: "African governments knew about the problems that Africans have to endure in China. There's nothing new about what is going on."

Even as African nations have reacted with anger including an attack on $2 billion worth Chinese business cluster at Ogun-Guangdong Free Trade Zone in Ogun State, the Africans leaders have been unable to rein in the Chinese government that is busy pretending that there is nothing wrong that is happening to the Africans in China.