China covering up coronavirus deaths? Civil affairs official suggests hundreds have gone 'missing'

China's Ministry of Civil Affairs recently revealed that as many as 400 children were left unattended without any parents or relatives to take their responsibility

Recently made statements by Yi Peizhuang, an official with China Ministry of Civil Affairs, have left many to believe that many more people have died in the mainland from coronavirus than the official numbers released by the government.

Parents, relatives of 400 children go 'missing'

Peizhuang recently revealed at a press conference that local civil affairs departments rescued as many as 400 children who have been left unattended due to the coronavirus outbreak in China. This means that these children have been left without parents or guardians. In China, guardians including grandparents, aunts or uncles can take responsibility of the children.

This has sparked concerns over the sudden disappearance of the parents and relatives of these unattended children, fueling speculation that hundreds more have died in in the outbreak than the Chinese regime is letting on.


Human rights activist Jennifer Zeng also took to Twitter to draw people's attention to the government's alleged cover-up of the extent of the outbreak in the country.

"Yi Peizhuang, a Civil Affairs official of CCP, says that nearly 400 children in China have become "children temperately lacking guardians" due toCoronavirusPandemic, she tweeted. "As far as I know, in China, grandparents(sometimes uncles and aunts too) usually help withlooking after their grandchildren.

"If these children have no guardians at all, it could mean all their parents, grandparents on both mother and father's side, have all died out," she added. "Maybe even their uncles and aunts on both sides all died too."

Zeng also pointed out that the count of 400 children remains only the official number of kids who were "found and rescued" by the local civil affairs departments and there could by many more who have not yet been discovered by the authorities.

China's death toll numbers don't add up

China, which has a population of 1.4 billion people and considered to be the epicentre of the global pandemic, has only reported an implausible 3,346 deaths. In comparison, the United States, which has a population of 328 million, there has reported more than 28,300 deaths.

According to data obtained from the Johns Hopkins University, US deaths per 100,000 stand at 8.66 whereas in China the number was significantly lower at 0.24. The idea that Beijing is still claiming it has so few deaths has raised serious apprehension over the numbers China reports to the world.

For that scenario to be true, COVID-19 would have had to miraculously bypass more than 1.3 billion people across the mainland as people traveled freely in and out of Wuhan, where the deadly outbreak originated, from the start of November until the Jan 23 lockdown.

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