Chilling Video Shows Man Open Fire on a Busy Oklahoma Street in Road Rage Incident [Watch]

The man got out of his car and fired at least 9 rounds before getting back into his car driving away.

A shocking video on social media showed a man opening gunfire on an Oklahoma intersection following a road-rage incident last Friday. The man was seen banging on the window of a white Buick SUV in the multi-lane road in Tulsa and later brandishing a handgun and firing as the Buick tried to flee.

Footage shared by KTUL showed the man firing at least 9 rounds before lowering his weapon and walking away. The man in the video was identified as 30-year-old Brian Chintharsy. He was arrested with the help of the videos and was in custody in Tulsa County Jail on Friday on charges including shooting with an intent to kill.

"Oh my God ... is he shooting him, Mom?" a female voice could be heard panicking in one of the clips, asking her mother to 'go.' "Call 911 before they shoot us too!" she said. Tulsa Chief of Police Wendell Franklin credited the videos for the arrest of the accused. "Several cell phone videos posted on social media captured the incident. Many citizens assisted in this case and we thank you," Franklin wrote on Twitter.

 Screen grab of the video showing the man firing the gun
Screen grab of the video showing the man firing the gun Screen grab - YouTube

'The man brazenly stood in the middle of an intersection'

Chief Franklin noted that the man was arrested after he 'brazenly stood in the middle of an intersection and indiscriminately fired a gun' as vehicles drove along the roadway. According to court records, Chintharsy is due in court on Monday.

The video showed the suspect walking towards the driver-side window of the Buick after it appeared to attempt to merge lanes. Chintharsy then fired multiple shots as the car sped away. He was seen brandishing the gun at the oncoming traffic before getting into his car fleeing the scene.

More details about the incident are not available at the moment. Circumstances leading to the gunfire are not clear. The identity of the Buick driver to whom the gunshots were possibly aimed is also not known at the moment.