Chilling Video Captures Moment Alabama Basketball Star Darius Miles Opens Fire Sending Screaming Bystanders Flee as He Ends Up Killing a Woman [WATCH]

The chilling video that emerged late Sunday captures the moment gunshots are fired, with at least 11 loud shots captured on a Ring doorbell camera.

A chilling video has emerged that captures the moment Alabama university basketball player Darius Miles opened fire on the street, as two women screamed and fled the scene at the sound of the gunshots before he fatally shot a woman. Miles was arrested early Sunday morning and has now been charged with a woman's murder.

Miles, a 21-year-old Crimson Tide player, and Michael Lynn Davis, 20, were charged with capital murder after Jamea Harris, 23, was shot and died in a car in the early morning hours on Sunday. The incident captured from a doorbell camera shows several rounds being fired by Miles and Davis and has since gone viral.

Terrifying Moment

The chilling video that emerged late Sunday captures the moment gunshots are fired, with at least 11 loud shots captured on a Ring doorbell camera. The shots are fired in two spurts, and Tuscaloosa Police Captain Jack Kennedy later confirmed that the victim's vehicle was shot at before the driver returned fire.

The video shows Miles and Davis opening fire on two women as they scream "Oh my god" and flee at the sound of scores of gunshots. It is not known which firearms were used in the footage or how many shots were fired by each gunman.

Darius Miles
Two women seen screaming and fleeing as Darius Miles opened fire killing one woman on Sunday Twitter

On Sunday, Miles was caught on camera weeping while being led in handcuffs from the Tuscaloosa County Jail, shouting, "I swear, I love you more than you can imagine," as he was put into a waiting police car.

According to Captain Jack Kennedy of the Tuscaloosa Police Department, the shooting took place early on Sunday in the Strip off University Boulevard, close to the college.

Darius Miles

Jamea Jonae Harris, the 23-year-old passenger, was struck by a bullet and died on the spot, cops said.

According to police, Miles and 20-year-old Michael Lynn Davis were arrested for reportedly firing fire at a car in "The Strip," an area close to campus, at around 1:45 in the morning, according to a local ABC News affiliate station. It was not clear which suspect was shot.

Investigators believe the two parties had gotten into a little fight along "The Strip" before the shots were fired.

Darius Miles
At least 11 gunshots were fired by Darius Miles Twitter

"At this time, it appears that the only motive was a minor altercation that these individuals had with the victim as they were out on The Strip," Kennedy said in a news conference Sunday evening. They didn't have a previous relationship, he said.

Shocking Crime

According to Tuscaloosa Police Captain Jack Kennedy, the death involved gunshots fired into a car, which led to the capital murder charge.

Jamea Jonae Harris
Jamea Jonae Harris Twitter

Kennedy said that at around 1:45 a.m., the driver of a different vehicle, in which Harris was a passenger, contacted campus police near Bryant-Denny Stadium and reported that someone had shot into it. The driver then allegedly returned fire.

The driver claimed that he may have hit a suspect with his return fire out of self-defense, and the suspect was later treated for non-life-threatening wounds at a nearby hospital.

Miles, a junior at the University of Alabama and a native of Washington, D.C., played forward for the team. He was reportedly benched during the team's game against Louisiana State University on Saturday due to an ankle injury.

Darius Miles
Darius Miles Twitter

Prior to that, Nate Oats, the team's coach, had said on December 28 that he "wasn't sure how long he'll be out" due to the player's absence due to a "personal problem."

Following the arrest of Miles on murder charges, the university expelled him from the team, according to a statement.

"We were made aware of the recent charge against student-athlete Darius Miles; he has been removed from campus and is no longer a member of the Alabama men's basketball team," the university said.

Additionally, the institution is providing its students with counseling services. Kennedy stated that neither the driver of the other car, Harris, nor Davis seemed to be connected to the institution.