Chilling New Video Shows Black Teen Holding His Hands Up When Chicago Cop Shot Him in Gas Station [GRAPHIC]

As the video continues, two officers are then seen carrying him to a different location by only his two legs and a piece of clothing, while his arms keep dragging on the ground.

An unarmed 13-year-old Black boy had his hands up when he was shot by a Chicago Police Department cop in May, a new surveillance video footage shows. According to the new surveillance video obtained by the Daily Beast, the boy is seen running with his hands up when the cop shoots him in front of a gas station.

The 13-year-old boy was hospitalized in serious condition, according to a Civilian Office of Police Accountability spokesperson. He is still in danger and may not be able to walk again. In a lawsuit filed by the boy's family, the boy said that he complied with all the officer's instructions but was still shot.

Unarmed and Defenseless

The video obtained by the Daily Beast shows the teen, identified only as A.G. running off the sidewalk and into the light of a gas station parking lot with his hands raised in the air as officers chase him. He then turns right with his hands still up in the air when one cop shoots him.

The unarmed teen immediately collapses on the cemented surface in front of the gas station. However, it doesn't end there. As the video continues, two officers are then seen carrying him to a different location by only his two legs and a piece of clothing, while his arms keep dragging on the ground.

Black teen shot
The Black teen seen running with his hands up Twitter

While they were shifting the seriously wounded boy, a responding police car can be seen coming at high speed which then crashes into the gas station's sign. The impact was so heavy that almost all the 20 officers at the gas pump forget about the boy briefly and start looking at the crashed car.

A.G. was not charged with any crime after police attempted to stop a car in which he was a passenger. There were no shots fired at the cops, and no firearm was found at the site. Yet, police shot him when he already had his arms raised in the air.

Police Atrocities Continue

A.G. wasn't charged but his loss is irreparable. The teen had to be hospitalized and remains in critical condition and is in danger of not being able to walk again after sustaining a major spinal injury and "at this point doesn't have movement of his legs."

However, Chicago Police Department has been trying to defend itself and the cops on the scene. Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown had previously claimed A.G. was shifted to a different location to avoid harm from an explosion at the gas pump following the shooting.

Police dragging boy
Officers seen dragging the Black teen by his legs after shooting him Twitter

Dragging him by the legs perhaps did "catastrophic damage."

The family said in a lawsuit filed last month that A.G. had followed the officer's orders, and that while he survived the shooting, "he has been permanently and catastrophically injured."

"CPD officers did not render immediate aide to A.G., but instead callously dragged him across the pavement and then turned their attention to an uninjured officer who crashed into a sign at the gas station while arriving on scene," read the complaint.

crime scene
A crime scene (For representational purposes onlu). Pixabay

According to his lawyer, the teen, who enjoyed playing basketball and riding his mountain bike before the incident, was initially hospitalized in critical condition at Stroger Cook County Hospital. He is likely never to walk or play basketball again.

"His wishes are to get healthy, his wishes are to walk, his wishes are to play basketball, his wishes are to ride his bike," lawyer Andrew M. Stroth told the outlet.

In a press conference held within 24 hours of the shooting, Brown refused to say if the youngster had his hands in the air. Later, he told reporters that a cop shot A.G. with his weapon. once.

According to ABC7, the teen had complied with the police' demands. "They said, 'Put your hands up, put your hands up!' The boy's hands were up. There's other people out there that seen it. I got it all on my phone—his hands were up. He didn't have a gun. They shot him for no reason," the eyewitness said.