Chilling Moment Two Hamas Brothers Open Fire on Bus Stop in Jerusalem Killing Three People Before Being Neutralized [GRAPHIC]

The shooters were later identified as brothers from East Jerusalem, named Murad Nemer, 38, and Ebrahim Nemer, 30.

Three people were killed and eight others were injured after Hamas terrorist brothers carried out a shooting in Jerusalem on Thursday. Israeli police said that the gunmen were "neutralized on the spot" following the attack near a bus stop on the western side of Jerusalem, an area without checkpoints guarding the entrance to the city.

A chilling video has emerged that captures the moment the two terrorists came in a car and opened fire at people at the bus stop. A 73-year-old man, a woman in her 60s, and a 24-year-old woman were killed in the attack. Three sustained serious injuries, while two others were in light to moderate condition.

Killed in Broad Daylight by Terrorists

Officials identified the three victims as Livya Dikman, 24, Rabbi Elimelech Waserman, 73, and Hanna Ifergan, 67, who were killed in the attack, which occurred during the morning rush hour.

The shooters were later identified as brothers from East Jerusalem, named Murad Nemer, 38, and Ebrahim Nemer, 30. Both were known Hamas operatives.

Hamas brothers
The two Hamas brothers seen stepping out of a car and before opening fire at people standing at the bus stop in Jerusalem X

Murad served a prison sentence from 2010 to 2020 for terror offenses linked to the Gaza Strip, according to police sources, while Ebrahim was imprisoned in 2014 for terrorist activities.

"Two terrorists arrived in a car, one of them armed with an M-16 (assault rifle) and the other with a pistol, and opened fire," Jerusalem police chief Doron Torgeman told reporters at the scene.

Videos from the incident circulated on social media show armed police surrounding two lifeless bodies sprawled on the ground at the scene.

Another chilling video shows crowds of people running away from the sound of gunshots, with cars accelerating away from the scene.

Hamas brothers
Two of the victims seen after being shot by the Hamas brothers X

The man killed in the attack, Rabbi Elimelech Wasserman, served as a rabbinical judge in the rabbinical court in Ashdod, as mentioned by Religious Services Minister Michael Malchieli.

One of the women who lost their lives in the attack was Chana Ifergan, the principal of Beis Yaakov Bnot Hadassah in Beit Shemesh. Livia Dickman, a resident of Har Nof, was identified as the third victim.

Breaking the Ceasefire

The attack comes just hours after a truce, temporarily halting the conflict in the Gaza Strip between Hamas and Israel, was extended for a seventh day, moments before its scheduled expiration.

Hamas brothers
The two Hamas terrorists brothers seen trying to flee in their cars after the shooting before being neutralized X

"The bus station was very crowded, which is why so many people were wounded," said Magen David Adom spokesperson Zaki Heller told Army Radio.

A year ago, a bomb exploded at the same bus stop, killing a 16-year-old boy and injuring 18 others.

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken, currently on his third visit to the region since the conflict began, expressed condolences for the victims of the Jerusalem attack.

Hamas brothers
Bodies seen lying on the road after the shooting carried bout by two Hamas brothers X

U.S. Ambassador to Israel Jack Lew condemned the incident, describing it as an abhorrent terrorist attack.

This shooting comes two weeks after an Israeli soldier was killed in an attack on an eastern Jerusalem checkpoint, while the attackers were shot dead by Israeli police. The earlier attack was claimed by the armed wing of Hamas.